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AGS Officers and Contact Info

2013 - 2014 AGS Officers
President                Dana Dryer                          
Vice President        Kevin Stanley                                                                  Vice President        Eduardo Villanueva              Treasurer                Eduardo Evaristo                
Secretary                 Kristin Kline                         

2012 - 2013 AGS Officers
President                Brenda Arroyo                     
Vice President        Jackie Muniz                         
Treasurer                Candace Sundine                
Secretary                Lynn Aljadda                        

2011 - 2012 AGS Officers
President                Cassandra Menendez                 
Vice President        Oscar Siliezar                               
Treasurer                Qui V. Pham                                  
Secretary                Lynn Aljadda                                 
Historian                 Donna Huynh                              
Recruitment            Thomas Campbell                     
Publicity/Techn       Steven Meyer                            
Graduation              Jackie Muniz                                
Brenda Arroyo         Social Events                              

2010 - 2011 AGS Officers
Co-President:            Anita Schwab             
Co-President:            Nick Steward


June Pham



Jasmine Thwe



2009-2010 AGS Officers:


Mirek Mares

Transferred to CSULB/Nursing

Vice Pres:

Shane Merriss

Transferred to UC Berkeley/Physics


Taylor Kleen

Transferred to UCSB/Communications


Stephanie Pantigoso

Preparing to transfer/Business


2008-2009 Officers:


Bahareh Abadian

Transferred to UCLA/Psychobiology

Vice Pres:

Yasaman Demehri

Transferred to UCLA/Biology


Danh Dinh

Transferred to UCLA/Biology

Mem. Sec'y

Morvarid Tavassoli

Transferred to Stanford/English

Rec. Sec'y

Matthew Styles

Transferred to (not reported)


Campus Location:

Watson Hall - 287 (Academic Honors)


Email Address:


Web Address:


Phone Number:







Mailing Address:



Alpha Gamma Sigma
Orange Coast College
2701 Fairview Road
Costa Mesa, CA 92626







Faculty Advisor:
Ken Parker, English






Staff Advisor:
Terry Scarbrough
Academic Honors Office Coordinator