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Honors Transfer Certification

Certification/Completion Requirements:

Special recognition is awarded to transferring or graduating students who meet the following requirements:
  • Complete at least 15 Honors units distributed over at least three different subject areas. Earn a letter grade in each course (complete at least 12 of the 15 honors units BEFORE the start of your final semester at OCC to qualify for honors transfer certification)
  • Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50 in all transferable coursework, including courses taken at other institutions. (This requirement must be met immediately prior to beginning the final semester at OCC for certification.)
  • Earn a minimum grade of B in at least one of the following English composition courses: Engl A100, A101/A101H, A102/102H, or A109; OR earn exemption from Engl A100 with an AP score of 3 or higher
  • Show evidence that any remaining honors coursework required for certification is in progress during the final semester at OCC. Students are welcome to go over the minimum honors unit requirement or take more than the remaining required units in their final semester (certification for honors transfer priority consideration depends on at least 12 honors units being complete before the start of the final semester with any remaining units "in progress" -- that is, confirmed enrollment in those classes)
  • Show a “line out” or “exclusion” for any course with a D, F, or NC/NP (no credit/no pass); this may be accomplished with course repetition for a passing grade and a petition filed with the OCC Records Office to request the exclusion of a substandard grade OR through Academic Renewal, which is addressed at a scheduled appointment with a counselor)
  • Possess a transcript free of Incomplete grades that carry the potential of disqualification for certification or recognition of completion, including IB, IC, ID, IF, INP)
  • Meet with an honors counselor to review eligibility and submit final paperwork for honors transfer certification by the annual deadline (usually the end of February)
  • Resolve any incidents of academic dishonesty or violations of campus conduct policies prior to requesting certification or transcript notation for the completion of the Honors Program. Disciplinary action must have been resolved without temporary or permanent dismissal from the college. Students must be in good standing with the OCC Dean of Students' Office.
Credit for Honors coursework completed at other institutions:
A maximum of one-half the required UC-transferable semester honors units for certification/ completion may be earned at another community college or university toward completion of the Honors Program at OCC. Check with an Honors Counselor before registering for courses that you may wish to apply to your OCC Honors Program completion.

Certification Forms (2016) and Deadlines:

UCLA/TAP:  meet with an Honors Counselor no later than Friday, Feb 19; complete the form and bring it with you to your appointment:  F16CERT_CertFillableForm_151028.pdf


UCI/Transfer Honors/The Guarantee:  meet with an Honors Counelor no later than Wednesday, Feb 10 if applying for Honors to Honors transfer (The Guarantee); no later than Friday, Feb 19 if applying for regular priority consideration for UCI admission.  Complete the form and bring it with you to your appointment: HP UCI Transfer Certification Request 2016.docx

Note: Students may petition for exceptions to certain Honors Program policies that may otherwise block their enrollment, continuation, or certification/ completion. To find out more about the petition process and request the necessary form, please contact the Honors Office: Phone: 714.432.5601; Email:; or visit during walk-in hours: Watson Hall 433

Updated 2/4/16