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Preparing for Your Online Class
​Below is a list of helpful steps to ensure that your computer is configured for the Blackboard environment.
Check list:
  • Prepare Your Computer for your online class.
  • Contact your Instructor.
  • Get familiar with your classroom.
    • What Course Management Software are we using ?
      Blackboard Learning System -- Learn 9.1, sp. 8  
  • Contacting Technical Support
    • If you have implemented all the steps from above, but you are still having technical difficulties, you need to contact Technical Support. For technical questions and issues, online students MUST submit a ticket to Technical Support. Click the link below to access the Tech Support website, where you can review the Knowledge Base or Submit a Ticket online. 
Don't Lose Your Place in Class!
Online students: Check in with your instructor via email between Monday and Wednesday of the first week of class. If you do not email your instructor between Monday and Wednesday of the first week, you could lose your space in the class or miss important class work. In order to email your instructor, log into Blackboard and access your course via the courses tab. You will see a link for email or tools on the student menu.
When Can I start my Class?
Students are not allowed into their classroom until the first day of the class at 8:00 a.m. While you wait for the class to open, make sure that you are prepared for the class by taking the Blackboard Student Tutorial.
Have You Successfully Petitioned A Class?
If you have successfully petitioned a closed class and completed registration, you need to take ONE of the following steps:.
  • For Blackboard classes:
    • You MUST register for the course before you can get into the online class. You should have access to your online class within 24 hours of registering. If not, create a support ticket. Check the Admissions & Records page for details about the registration process.
  • For Non-Blackboard classes:
    • If your course does not use Blackboard (you'll know because when you access the course in Blackboard, a message will be there indicating this, with a link to your instructor's web site) you must contact your professor for instructions.
Is my class a non-Blackboard class? What do I do now?
Some online courses do not use the Blackboard online classroom environment. Sometimes instructors of these courses provide a link to their online course within Blackboard, so you can follow the usual procedure to access their course. If you're enrolled in an online class, and you can't get into it in Blackboard, you'll want to contact your instructor for directions.