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Priority Registration Information



Due to recent legislative changes, registration priority is changing.  Effective Fall 2014, in order to be eligible for priority registration students must meet ALL the following requirements prior to June 1, 2014: 

  1. Completed placement testing and orientation (or equivalent).
  2. Have a counselor-approved Student Education Plan (SEP) on file with a specified Course of Study that leads to an Associate Degree (AA, AS, or ADT), transfer, State-approved Certificate of Achievement, or career advancement.
  3. Be in good academic standing and/or progress standing.
  4. Have not earned more than 100 degree-applicable units within the Coast Community College District (Coastline Community College, Golden West College, and Orange Coast College).

Questions & Answers 

As a continuing student, will these new rules change my priority registration appointment?
Yes, effective Fall 2014, you may lose your priority registration if you haven't met the requirements listed above.

NOTE: By completing the requirements listed above, you will retain your registration priority.   Failure to complete the requirements listed above will move you to a lower registration priority group.   

How can I check to make sure that I'm eligible for priority registration?
Log in to your MyOCC account to check your registration priority status (located on the Student Tab under "Priority Registration"--click on "View My Eligibility").     


Your Priority Registration Eligibility screen in MyOCC will not only provide your status, it will also provide instructions on how to meet all the necessary requirements to gain eligibility.  It is recommended that you check this screen on a periodic basis since your status may change once grades are posted and academic standings are calculated.

What if I have completed 100 or more degree applicable units within the Coast Community College District?
If you've completed 100 or more degree applicable units within the Coast District, you will no longer be eligible for priority registration.  However, as a continuing student, you will still receive an appointment to register after the priority group.  If you are pursuing a high unit degree program, you may petition for reinstatement of priority registration by completing and submitting the CCCD Petition to Reinstate Priority Registration to the Enrollment Center in Watson Hall.

How can I check to make sure that I have an approved Student Education Plan (SEP) on file in the Coast District?
Log in to your MyOCC account and check your status (located on the Student Tab under "Priority Registration"--click on "view my eligibility").   If you have an approved SEP on file, you will see a green check next to "Student Education Plan in DegreeWorks".  If not, you will see a red X, which means that you do not have an SEP in DegreeWorks.   

If I don't have an approved (locked) SEP in DegreeWorks, how can I get one?
There are several ways to get an approved SEP in DegreeWorks:






  1. Schedule an appointment with a counselor.  Appointments are scheduled one week in advance.  You can schedule your appointment online or call (714) 432-5078.
  2. Register for any of the following Counseling classes in Spring 2014: COUN A100, COUN A104, COUN A105, COUN A120, or COUN A170. 
  3. Attend a Student Education Plan Workshop.

Plan ahead--complete these steps early to ensure availability!