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Waitlist FAQ

 How do I get on a waitlist for a closed class?
  1. Make a note of the CRN # (section number) for the closed class.
  2. Wait until your scheduled appointment day/time then log in to MyOCC and select “Add or Drop Classes” on the Student tab. 
  3. Go through the same process you normally would to register for the class but when you get the “registration add errors” message, select the “Waitlisted” option from the drop down then click “Finalize Add/Drop”.
  4. 4. Print your Student Class Program to verify your add to the waitlist (click on the link that says “Student Class Program” on the registration screen.
Note:  Waitlists are turned off 24 hours prior to the start of the term.


In MyOCC click on “Student Tab” then “Student Detail Schedule Waitlist Position”.

Where can I see the number of students on the waitlist?

You can see waitlist information on the online class schedule.  Courses with a waitlist will display the following:

WL Cap
= the total number of waitlisted seats
WL Act = the total number of students who are currently on the waitlist
WL Rem = the number of waitlist seats available

If you are in the first position on the waitlist and a seat opens, you will be sent an email to your Coast District Student email account, which is accessed via MyOCC. You will have 24 hours to register and pay for the class otherwise your waitlisted seat will be released to the next person on the waitlist and you will be dropped from the waitlist. The email you receive will include detailed information about the waitlisted course and instructions as to how you should go about registering.

After the e-mail is sent, your Student Detail Schedule will now display your waitlist position as 0 and your expiration date/time :



You will not automatically be registered in the class—you must take action if you wish to register in the class. Make sure to check you student email account every morning and every evening 7 days a week so that you don’t miss the opportunity to add the class!  

From the registration menu (Add or Drop Classes in Registration Tools) in MyOCC, select “Drop” from the drop down menu next to the course then click “Finalize Add/Drop”.

If you're on the waitlist and you do not get a seat in the class, you can go to the first class meeting (get there early) to see if the instructor will give you an ADD PERMIT.  If there is space available in the class, the instructor may use the waitlist to assign Add Permits.  If you receive an Add Permit, follow the instructions on the permit to register for the class.

When are Waitlist Notifications sent out?
Waitlist notifications are sent out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays

Can a High School Student add themselves to a Waitlist?
No High School students are not permitted to waitlist classes. If the class is not open then you must go to the first class meeting to request an Add Permit from the instructor.

1.  From the registration menu (Add or Drop Classes in Registration Tools) in MyOCC, select “Web Registered” from the drop down menu next to the course then click “Finalize Add/Drop”.
2.  Add Authorization Code Validation page displays – enter Add Authorization code and click “Validate”.
3.  Add Authorization Code Status page displays – click “Submit Changes” to complete validation.