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Closed Classes

​What should you do if the class you want to take is closed (full)?

​Closed Classes: If a class does not have seats available on the online class schedule, the class has reached maximum capacity. You may add yourself to the waitlist (if available) on or after your appointment time.  Click  for Waitlist Information.

Add Permits/Instructor Permission: Beginning the week the class begins, instructor permission is required to add a class. To obtain instructor permission go to the first class meeting or email the instructor if the course is an online course. If space is available, the instructor may give you an ADD PERMIT with an ADD AUTHORIZATION CODE (AAC). Enroll in the course via MyCoast portal following the instructions on the add permit. If you did not receive an add permit follow the instructions below.

NOTE: the registration system will not prompt you for an AAC until the course begins. Please note that faculty may utilize the waitlist to assign Add Permits but there is no guarantee that you will be given an Add Permit if you're on the waitlist.

How to Add a Class with an Add Permit/Add Code

How to Register:    

  1. Log on to MyCoast portal on or before the expiration date    
  2. Click on the Student Tab  (You must have a registration appointment to continue)
  3. Under Registration Tools click on “Add and Drop Classes”    
  4. Under Registration Term select the current OCC TERM then click submit    
  5. Enter the CRN number – If you are waitlisted, choose “Web Registered” from the drop down menu for this CRN
  6. Click on Finalize Add/Drop
  7. Under Registration Add Authorization Code enter the ADD CODE number in the box next to Incomplete and click on Validate. NOTE: The Add Code becomes effective the first day the class meets.
  8. Click Submit – Verify your enrollment, then click on Pay Fees    
  9. Print your Student Class Program to verify your enrollment, fees paid, refund, and withdrawal deadline date dates    
  10. Verify with your instructor that you are on the updated instructor class roster
Student Responsibility Regarding Add Permits/Add Codes 
  • All fees for the added class are due at the time of registration  
  • If you enroll in a class after it has started, you will not be dropped for non-payment 
  • Students are accountable for all registration fees  
  • A hold will be placed on your records if the fees are not paid in full 
  • Unpaid fees are subject to collection. Accounts sent to collection will incur a $25.00 collection fee


If you stop attending a class, you must drop the class on or before the refund deadline to receive a refund.
 If you enroll in a class after the refund deadline, and drop the class, you will not receive a refund or fee cancellation.    
 Enrollment in classes is conditional. Students must meet all prerequisite and/or program restrictions.
 Registration for course with an add permit must be completed by the Expiration date on the add permit. No registration is permitted after the expiration date, there are no exceptions.
 Students who do not register will NOT be allowed to attend the class and WILL NOT receive a grade

Go the class schedule to check for refund and add dates