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Admissions & Enrollment
Phone: 714-432-5072
Office Hours
Monday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday: 9:00am - 6:00pm (4/1 8:00am - 5:00pm)
Thursday: 9:00am - 6:00pm (4/2 8:00am - 5:00pm)
Friday: 9:00am - 12:00pm (CLOSED 4/3)
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED
Registration Information

Register for your courses via your MyOCC site!  Registration is by appointment and you'll need to log in to MyOCC to look up your appointment date/time (Student Tab/Registration Tools/Registration Status).  Appointments are posted a couple weeks before registration begins.
Students are responsible for verifying all fee balances and registration prior to the start of the term. Please confirm receipt of payment and registration (print a Student Class Program—on the Student tab under Other Resources on MyOCC) . Please make sure to drop any classes that you do not plan to attend and/or pay all fees dues in order to avoid a hold being placed on your record. If you have any questions about your fee balance, please contact (714) 432-5072.
Registration fees are due at the time of registration and should be submitted immediately after registering for classes. Failure to pay may result in your classes being dropped and released to other students (see Non-Payment Drop Policy for deadlines). Even students on financial aid must ensure that they have a zero balance to avoid being dropped.
AFTER THE SEMESTER STARTS: If you are still enrolled in classes when the term begins you are responsible for the fees if you do not drop before the State mandated refund deadline for each course.
Please verify all adds, drops and payments by printing your Student Class Program available via MyOCC (Student tab/Other Resources).
Pay your fees conveniently via the MyOCC portal by Credit Card or Check Card. This is the best payment method to secure your classes. 

If you are a recipient of one of the following, it is important you contact the number listed below PRIOR to your initial registration:
  • NON-OCC Scholarship: (714) 432-5645
  • Veterans Benefits: (714) 432-5771 (Tuition Assist. & Vocational Rehab only)
  • Calif. Dept. of Rehabilitation Benefits: (714) 432-5807 (Disabled Students Center)
  • CalWORKS: (714) 432-5636
  • CARE Program: (714) 432-0202 ext. 26266

Attention Financial Aid Students:
Please confirm the fees due on your account after you register for classes.  You should be able to see an account balance on your MyOCC portal page in the My Account box under the Student tab.  Awarded BOG waivers post immediately at the time of registration.

Financial aid does not automatically apply to your account balance nor does it defer your fees.  All students, including those receiving financial aid, are required to pay registration fee balances immediately after registering for courses or they may be being dropped from classes.

The BOGFW fee waiver does NOT cover the Health Fee, College Service Charge or Materials Fees and therefore BOGFW students are required to pay  these fees. BOG recipients will be dropped for non-payment if the fees are not paid by the posted deadlines.
Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions about your financial aid.

Parking Permit: Once you have enrolled in classes you can conveniently Purchase a Parking Permit Online using your Credit Card anytime during the semester. Log onto your MyOCC account and click on the "Purchase an OCC Parking Decal" link on the home tab. Complete the simple online form and use your credit card to pay the $30.00* fee. You will receive an e-mail confirmation and the parking permit will be mailed to you on the next business day. If you do not receive the parking permit within 7 business days from the payment date contact Campus Safety at (714) 432-5017.

To purchase a Parking Permit using check or cash, check the COD box on the order payment page. you may mail in a payment or pay in person in the Enrollment Center on the 1st floor of Watson Hall. Computers are available on campus in Watson Hall to order parking permits. Parking Permits are mailed the next business day after receipt of payment. 
BOGFW waiver recipients pay $30.00 for parking permits. BOGFW applications must be on file, approved and processed by the Financial Aid Office at least one day prior to purchasing the parking permit.
Closed/Open class information:
Classes are limited and will fill quickly, so in order to maximize results, register at your assigned appointment time. Online registration is fast, convenient, and secure.
Be Prepared!!! Select plenty of alternates before you register. Open/Closed/Cancelled class information is available on the online class schedule.
Closed Classes: If a class does not have seats available on the online class schedule, the class has reached maximum capacity. If a waitlist is available add yourself to the wait list. If a wait list is not available then OCC recommends that you continue to check the seating availability on the online schedule, since classes often reopen during the active registration period (until the course starts).  
The Coast District utilizes wait lists for closed classes!

How wait lists works:
If a class is closed, you may register yourself on the wait list anytime on or after your registration appointment time. If a seat becomes available in that course, the next student on the wait list will be notified via their MyOCC student email. Students will then have 24 hours to register and pay for the class or they will be dropped from the wait list and the next student on the wait list will be notified. Click Here for Wait List Information.
Beginning the week the class begins:
Check the status of the class on the Class Schedule available on the Orange Coast College website.
If the class status is "Open" you may enroll into the class.
If the class status is "Waitlisted" you may add yourself to the waitlist. You should then go to the first class meeting (or subsequent class meeting) to request an add permit (ex: Class meets M & W, you missed the Monday class meeting, then go to the Wednesday class meeting)
If the class status is "Auth Reqd" go to the first class meeting  (or subsequent class meeting) to request an add permit (ex: Class meets M & W, you missed the Monday class meeting, then go to the Wednesday class meeting) 
Add Permits/Instructor Permission:
Classes that have a status on the online class schedule of "Waitlisted" or "Auth Reqd" require instructor permission to add the class. To obtain instructor permission go to the first class meeting (or subsequent class meeting) or email the instructor if the course is an online course. If space is available, the instructor may give you an ADD PERMIT with an ADD AUTHORIZATION CODE (AAC). Enroll in the course via MyOCC following the instructions on the add permit.
NOTE: the registration system will not prompt you for an AAC until the course begins.
Tuition Pay (Installment Plan)
Students interested in making payments for tuition and fees, can visit the Tuition Pay website for information on how to sign up for an installment plan.  Students who chose to sign up must do so within 48 hours of registration to avoid being dropped from classes.  Tuition Pay requires a down payment plus a $25 non-refundable application fee per semester. This service is only available for the fall and spring semesters.