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Why Choose OCC
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International Student Testimonials:
MIT.JPG- Aldarsaikhan, Mongolia
"The people were wonderful at OCC. Students and teachers were all friendly and helpful.  I was able to succeed academically all because of the wonderful supportive professors at OCC.  I have multiple favorite professors and many that I still feel grateful (they) helped me to get to where I am now."
(Aldarsaikhan was a student at OCC where she got her AA.  She transferred to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where she got her BA and is now pursuing her graduate (MA) program at Harvard University)
Megumi.jpg  - Megumi, Japan
 "The OCC campus is huge! It has brand new buildings, new classrooms, and equipment.  Students can choose from lots of different majors and programs.  My professors are very friendly and they are extremely helpful to students."
bo Jing.jpg  - Bo Jing, China
"OCC is beautiful!! Professors at OCC are very knowledgeable and kind.  I major in Accounting and plan to transfer to a 4-year university when I complete my program.  As an international student coming to America, OCC has taught me a lot about being a good student and learning the educational system.  I am a member of Chinese Student Association and have found many new friends."
 (Bo Jing transferred to the University of Southern California - USC)
Keegan.jpg  - Keegan, Zimbabwe 
"I decided to come to the U.S. to see the rest of the world and study communications at OCC because of the support system, location, and its transfer rate.  OCC is known for great athletic programs and reputable coaches.  I am sure OCC will equip me with the athletic and academic skills necessary to enter and excel at a University of California (UC) school. If you are thinking of studying abroad, go for it!"
(Keegan transferred to the University of Arizona)
Michele.jpg- Michele, Brazil 
"OCC's location in Southern California is wonderful; great weather all year long, huge campus, and a mix of cultures from all over the world.  I love the architecture and how the campus looks.  All of my instructors are well-qualified with great educational backgrounds; they are really nice and helpful.  I love all of my classes, even though I have to study a lot."
Giuseppe.jpg  -Guiseppe, Italy
"I've always dreamed of studying in an American college.  OCC has been the best choice.  It's an amazing school.  Professors are highly knowledgeable.  There are a large number of majors and considerable transfer programs which allow student to transfer to the most prestigious universities.  OCC is helping me achieve my goals."
Ji Young.jpg-Ji Young, Korea
"The International Center staff helped me from beginning to end.  Since I was new to America and to college, I did not know what I should so, but the staff patiently helped me with all my issues.  I really love studying at OCC.  I'm proud of this college.  All the facilities and services provided are of great quality, such as free tutoring, the library, and the International Center.  The experiences I have gathered in my college life have been invaluable to me."
 (Ji Young graduated and worked for one year in the OPT program to gain work experience)
Phuong.jpg  - Phuong, Vietnam

"Studying outside Vietnam is a great opportunity for me to experience new things and the United States was my number once choice when I decided to study abroad.  The OCC campus is enormously beautiful; it gives you a comfortable environment when you are far away from your home and I love the staff.  they are always willing to help, always happy to answer questions and assist me.  The best thing is that they are nice and make you feel like they are your second family."