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Summer New Students

​Summer is a great opportunity to start your educational journey at OCC. You can discover or explore your interests, you can begin to make progress towards completing your goal – whether it is to achieve a certificate, degree or transfer, and you can access a variety of student support services. 

If you have already applied for the Summer/Fall 2019 semester, check your summer registration on MyCoast portal > Registration > Registration Status & Checklist and register for classes.


If you have not applied, get started today!

  1. Apply to OCC 
  2. Verify your placement recommendations on MyCoast portal
  3. Meet with a counselor to create an Educational Plan
  4. Register for classes

For more information or questions, contact the Enrollment Center at (714) 432-5072 or email us at


Please see our Summer Schedule for class availability.

Discover and Explore

Don't know where to start? Consider taking one of these courses. 

​OCC Course
​OCC Course Title
​Course Description
COUN A100​
​Intro to College
​Introduces new students to college services and facilities, academic policies, and various segments of higher education in California. Includes time management, study skills, and academic planning. May be taken for grades or on pass-no/pass basis. Transfer Credit: CSU
COUN A104​​Career/Life Planning: Holistic
In depth career and life planning: Designed primarily for students uncertain about educational-occupational plans. Standardized tests of interests, personality characteristics, and values are utilized to develop a systemic approach to career and life development. This course emphasizes the importance of taking personal responsibility for one’s educational, career and personal decisions to achieve satisfaction through work and life balance. This course may also be offered online. Transfer Credit: CSU
​COUN A105
​Strategies for College Success
This is a course designed to integrate personal growth, critical and creative thinking, problem solving and academic and career success. Topics include study techniques, orientation to higher education and resources, life skills, academic planning, and personal development. For all students wishing to improve their success in college. This course may also be offered online. May be taken for grades or on a pass-no pass basis. Transfer Credit: CSU; UC
​** Students currently enrolled at a four-year institution, who plan to enroll in a summer course at OCC MUST receive permission from their four-year institution counselor/advisor. The four-year institution counselor/advisor will determine how the course will be applied to student degree. 

*** If you don't find a course you're looking for, please contact your four-year institution counselor/advisor.