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Average GPA to Transfer

​Non-Selective Majors


​University ​High School ​Community College ​TAG
UC Berkeley​ ​4.37 ​3.77 ​N/A

​UC Davis ​4.07
​UC Irvine ​4.03 ​3.51 ​3.4
​UC Los Angeles ​4.15 ​3.71 ​N/A
​UC Merced ​3.59 ​3.24 ​2.8-3.0
​UC Riverside ​3.72 ​3.25 ​3.0-3.2
UC San Diego 4.11 3.64 N/A
​UC Santa Barbara ​4.01 ​3.54 ​3.2-3.4
​UC Santa Cruz ​3.84 ​3.35 ​N/A


Data Source for 2013 as of 5/28/13, University of California Office of the President, Student Affairs, ApplyUC system.
*TAG: Transfer Admission Guarantee
Note: Data represents AVERAGE GPA's for individual UC campuses. Plese be advised that GPA's will vary
according to major and individual UC campus. For more information visit the UCOP & individual UC web sites.
The data is used as a general guide only and not as an indicator for admissions.