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Student Development Workshops and Trainings

As an OCC student, there are many different ways to increase your leadership skills and gain experience to be the best leader you can be! You can join student government, start a club/organization, participate in community service, attend leadership workshops, and much more.

Student Club and Organization Orientations

As outlined in the Student Club & Organization Handbook, attendance to a Student Club & Organization Orientation is required if a student club or organization would like to do any of the following:

  • Plan special events (i.e. fundraisers, fieldtrips/excursions, speakers, etc.) outside of the regularly scheduled student club & organization meeting
  • Utilize student club & organization funds (i.e. expenses, reimbursement for purchases, purchase order request, etc.)

Student club & organization presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, and treasurers are required to attend.

Additionally, first-time student club & organization advisors are required to attend a Student Club & Organization orientation.

There are currenly no scheduled Student Clubs & Organization Orientations. If you would like to schedule a Student Club & Organization Orientation, please contact Grishma Patel, Student Life and Leadership Specialist, at or  714-432-5730.