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S.O.A.R. Information
What is S.O.A.R.?
S.O.A.R. is a Student Orientation, Assessment, and (priority) Registration program designed specifically for high school seniors who plan to attend Golden West, Orange Coast, or Coastline Community College.
Each year during the months of March through June, the Orange Coast College Assessment staff administers English and math placement test sessions on-site at local high schools for graduating seniors who are interested in attending Orange Coast, Golden West, or Coastline Community College.
High school students should contact their counselor to sign up for the S.O.A.R. placement test if it is offered at their school.  Students who are interested in participating in S.O.A.R. but do not have a test date scheduled at their high school are welcome to attend the S.O.A.R. make up dates at Orange Coast College.
How to apply for SOAR:
  1. Apply for admission at Orange Coast College
  2. On the online application, students must indicate their education level as “Earned a U.S. high school diploma” (if they anticipate graduating in June 2014)
  3. Yes to SOAR Program (under supplemental questions)
  4. Enter code SOAR14 when prompted 

High school seniors must see their counselors to sign up for SOAR testing at their high school if it is offered at their school. If SOAR testing is not offered at your high school, please refer to the following for SOAR make up test dates at OCC.

Please note that ALL make-up testing at OCC is by appointment only except for those scheduled on
 Saturday which are on a first come, first serve basis. Please call the Assessment Center in April to schedule  for weekday make up test appointments.
Students must attend test dates designated as "SOAR" to participate in the SOAR program.
What advantages does S.O.A.R. offer me?
S.O.A.R. gives you:
  • Required English and math placement test on your campus
  • An orientation to the college
  • Small group academic advisement with a counselor who will help you select your first semester class
  • Preferred (early) class selection and registration
  • Your summer to enjoy knowing you'll be prepared
What will happen during the testing session?
You will take an English and mathematics placement test.
May I use Advanced Placement (AP) scores in place of English and/or math testing?
Yes, if you took the Composition & Lit or Comp Exam and scored 3 or higher you do not have to take the English test.  If you took the Statistics, Calculus AB or BC Exam and scored a 3 or higher you do not have to take the math test.  Proof of AP Test results must be presented to the college you plan to attend. 
  • OCC - Matriculation Office
  • GWC- Records Office
  • CCC - Records Office
May I use Early Assessment Program (EAP) scores in place of English and/or math testing?

Yes, if you took an EAP from CSU and have a "ready" status for CSU English you do not have to take the English test.  If you took an EAP from CSU math and have a "ready" status you do not have to take the math test.  Please submit your EAP results for clearance to the Matriculation Office.

May I use my ACT or SAT scores in place of the English and mathematics testing?
No.  The community college level does not accept ACT or SAT scores as exemption from the placement test.
How do I get my test results?
Test results will either be available to be picked up from your high school counselor or mailed to you within three (3) weeks of testing.
When will the orientation and advising sessions be offered?
  • At Golden West the sessions will be offered in April through June
  • At Orange Coast the sessions will be offered in April through July
  • At Coastline the sessions will be offered in June and July
You will be given an appointment time and further information later.
When will I register for classes?
  • At Golden West and Orange Coast, you will register in July/August.
  • At Coastline you will register in July.
Ok.  Now I know about S.O.A.R.  What if I decide not to participate, but I want to attend Orange Coast College?
We are always happy to serve new students no matter when they decide to attend.  The following steps must be completed before you will be permitted to register for classes:
  • Fill out an online application to your desired campus. Make sure to apply as a "graduating high school senior":
  • After completing your application, you must make an appointment for placement testing, orientation and advising at the college.  These activities must be completed before you will be permitted to register.
  • You will be given a registration appointment for July or August (which will be after all S.O.A.R. participants have registered).
What if I have an unanswered question?
For S.O.A.R. program information, please call:
  • OCC SSSP (formerly Matriculation)     714-432-0202 x 26883
  • GWC Assessment    714-895-8388
  • CCC Counseling        714-241-6162  
Please click the following links below to view sample questions for the English and math placement test: