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Frequently Asked Questions
EOPS Program
We open on Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 6:30pm and Friday from 9am to 2pm.
It is 714-432-6808.
The EOPS office is located in Watson Hall, fourth floor, room 443.
For more information, please call 714-432-5817 or visit our website at
How to Apply
1)      What is EOPS?
EOPS stands for Extended Opportunity Programs and Services. EOPS is a state funded Academic Counseling Program designed to provide assistance to eligible full-time students at the community college level. The EOPS Mission is to enhance success by providing “Over & Above” services to eligible students.
First, you need to be an OCC student and follow the enrollment steps – this includes taking Placement Tests, completing OCC Orientation, and applying for Financial Aid. Second, make sure to check EOPS website for our open enrollment date(s) to complete the EOPS application online.
Usually before Fall and Spring semesters start. Please check the website or call the EOPS offic for specific dates.
a.     Qualify for Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver under options A or B (B.O.G.F.W.) as 
      determined by the Financial Aid Office
b.      Be a California resident (AB540 Eligible)
c.       Be a full-time student (12 units/semester)
d.      Have less than 40 college applicable units
e.       Have not earned a college degree or certificate
f.     Meet EOPS State Guidelines, such as EOPS applicants must be educationally disadvantaged according to Title V, Article 2 section 56220(e)
Rules and Regulation
EOPS services include academic and personalized counseling, career and transfer planning,       textbook services, bilingual services, cultural events and priority registration.
Yes, you can, but you have to fill out an EOPS application at OCC and a Transfer Request Form.
You are able to participate in 6 consecutive semesters in EOPS and/or accumulate 70 AA/AS degree applicable units before you have to exit. We do not count summer sessions as part of the 6 consecutive semesters.
No, if you comply with the program requirements the previous semester, you do not need to reapply.
All EOPS students are required to complete three scheduled EOPS office contacts each semester (Fall/Spring).  This requirement will be satisfied by the following:
a.    Completing the first counseling appointment within the first six weeks of each semester. This appointment will include the completion or update of the Student Educational Plan.
b.      Submitting the Academic Progress Report (APR) on time each semester (Fall/Spring).
c.       Completing a third counseling appointment to discuss plans and courses for the next semester.
Yes, you can attend OCC and another sister campus (GWC & Coastline) while in the EOPS program at OCC. However, to be qualified for our services, the majority of your units have to be taken at OCC.
Yes, you are still eligible for EOPS. However, when you fail a class and do not make a 2.00 GPA for one semester, you will be on probation with the school and on “warning” probation with EOPS. You need to improve your GPA to 2.00 or more to be removed from “warning” probation or you will be placed on Non-Compliance Probation (NCP).
Yes, you can reapply.
Please click Online Ed Plan.
Yes, you can get a copy of your unofficial transcripts through MyOCC.
Our counselors are:
+ Vida Shajie:
+ Marta Cabral:
+ Clyde Phillips:
+ Julie Tran:
+ Michelle Ngo:
Yes, you are free to see any counselor, but you are required to complete three EOPS counseling appointments each semester.
No, due to limited funding, there are no longer walk-in hours for EOPS students.
Please come to the EOPS office and let us know about your emergency.
No, students are not assigned to EOPS counselors. You are free to see any counselor you want.
Academic Progress Report (APR)
Usually in October (for fall semester) and in March (for spring semester). Please check the EOPS website for more information.
You can get a copy from our website under Announcements (Academic Progress Report (APR) section). We also send you a copy through your OCC Gmail account.
It varies every semester. Please check the EOPS website for the deadlines.
1)    If you have the grade posted on My Grade page on Blackboard website, you can print that out and attach it to your APR form.
2)      If your instructor does not post their grades on the Blackboard, you can email your instructor and ask for your mid-term grade. If the instructor emails you the grade, you can print that email and attach it to your APR.
You should get signatures and grades from both lecture and lab instructors in different sections of the APR.
Book Grant
You will receive an email from us letting you know that your name has been added to the book list at the OCC bookstore. In order to purchase your books, you need to have your student ID card with you.
No, you cannot. The book service is only for purchasing your textbooks.
No, you cannot. Our book service is only for purchasing books at the OCC bookstore.
You need to come to the EOPS office and talk with Annie Bach.
Yes, you can. Please keep your receipt and contact the EOPS office for the deadline for reimbursements.
Other Services
No, due to limited funding, we no longer pay for parking permits.
As you complete your application(s) to transfer, please remember to fill out the page asking about your income. Most EOPS students will qualify for an automatic fee waiver. If for some reasons you do not qualify, please fill out the Request for Application Fee Waiver Form located on the CSU & UC application website and write in “I am an EOPS student at OCC.” Ask the EOPS office for Letter of certification and submit that with the hard copy of the fee waiver application.
During your last semester, remember to fill out the EOPSExit form with us and submit a Petition for Graduation to Admissions & Records during the graduation petitioning period. After receiving your graduation packet from the Graduation office, bring your Cap and Gown ticket to the EOPS office to receive a fee waiver for the cap and gown at the OCC Bookstore.
Yes, for 2013-2014, EOPS will pay for your honor society membership dues to join. However, we do not cover any regalia. You may fill out the specific honor society application and print out a copy of your unofficial transcript. Bring those two items to the EOPS office. Our director will review your file to make sure you are in compliance by keeping up with program requirements (Appointments, GPA, etc.). If you are, we will take your application to the Honor's Society office and the coordinator will contact you with further details about your membership.
*This service offered is based on State funding and availability. This service is not guaranteed.
New appointments become available every Monday starting at 8am. Please call 714-432-5817 to schedule an appointment.
You can attend one group appointment per semester to replace one out of three counseling appointments per semester.
Normally two weeks before the semester starts. Check with the EOPS staff for the starting date.
It varies each semester.
It varies every semester. Usually, you have time until the last Friday of each semester to complete your required appointments.
CARE Program
CARE stands for Cooperative Agencies and Resources for Education.
CARE is administered by the EOPS Program and serves the unique needs of single parents who are designated as head of household. At the time students are accepted into CARE they must have, at least one child under the age of 14, be a full time student, and be a current recipient of CalWORKS/TANF/AFDC (or their child(ren) can be a recipient of CalWORKs/TANF/AFDC). All CARE students must be accepted into the EOPS Program and meet all the EOPS eligibility requirements.
Application period is open year round for CARE/DSPS/CalWORKs and Foster Youth students.
If you are accepted into the CARE program, you will be notified in person or through email how to get a meal or gas card. Both Meal and Gas cards are evenly distributed to CARE students based on their continued eligibility and funding available from the state.
The CARE program is located in Watson Hall, fourth floor, room 443.
For more information, please call 714-432-5173 or visit our website at
If you are an EOPS student and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, please contact Vida Shajie, EOPS Counselor and Club Advisor, at (714) 432-5638.
You must be a CARE student or previous CARE student.
Please visit the EOPS office to verify your MyOCC Gmail address.
Bus Pass
a.       Must be an EOPS student
b.      Currently enrolled in 12 units, unless you are a DSPS student
c.       Don’t have an OCC parking permit under your name
Note: Students who drive a carare not eligible to receive bus passes.
UMOJA is a program utilizing promising practices dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experience of African Americans and other students to promote student success for all students. With the help of educators committed to academic success UMOJA with an ethic of love, seeks to intentionally and deliberately educate the whole student - body, mind and spirit.