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Financial Wellness

OCC's Financial Wellness is open to all students & is assisting students with their financial stability through workshops, online courses & resources. We offer financial literacy through budgeting, FAFSA applications, student loans, basic money management, banking skills, and other topics.  

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We offer in-person workshops as well as an online platform of courses and resources ( OCC Wellness Instagram.jpg

Financial Wellness Calendar 


Wednesday, April 15, 2020; 1pm Online!

Online - I Can Afford Housing Workshop

​What is the best housing decision for you? There are pros and cons to each, let’s discuss those. We will also look at how to see what will be the best decision for you financially. This will include how to make a spending plan and additional resources to save money to pay for your education and your housing.

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Online Resources - iGrad

Online database of financial education, scholarship search, and courses! iGrad


Earn Pirate Bucks for Pirate Loot!

You can earn Pirate Bucks through attending workshops, participating in pop-up events, and completing iGrad courses (such as the financially fit below!). To learn more about Pirate Bucks click here.



Explore iGrad, OCC's partner in online Financial Wellness education. Complete iGrad courses online (OCC iGrad) as an opportunity to earn Pirate Bucks.

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