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Incentive Tier System


Student Success Incentive Tier System:

Students are provided with a variety of ways to maintain support on campus.  Students are strongly encouraged to participate and get involved to not only help make connections on campus but to access resources to help them be successful.  A student must reach the required number of points for each tier to receive the corresponding incentive. 


                Tier 1:




Notify us of registration PRIOR to each semester



ALL Documentation turned in





College Fees, Books & Bus pass

                Tier 2:






OCC Meal Card


Methods of involvement:



EOPS Appointment  *EOPS Students are required to complete:

1.       1st appointment (Educational Plan)

2.       Academic Progress Report

3.       Last appointment

Can be determined by meeting with a Guardian Scholar Staff

1/2 pt. (per appointment)

Complete by the 6th week

Complete by the 8th week

Complete by the 12th week

Student Success Center

Must provide 1 tutor form for every session

1 pt. per form

(max of 10 pts. earned)

Workshops (Re-entry, Study Skills, Financial Aid, Transfer Center Etc.)

Provide a 1 pg. explanation of what was discussed and learned

2 pts. each

Student Success Workshops (Online)

Provide Certificate of completion to GS Staff AND ½ page explanation of what was learned

1-2 pts. (per certificate, no duplication)

Visit w/ Professor during office hour

Must write a ½ pg. explanation of what was discussed.

1/2 pt.

Club involvement (at least 3 attendance/ 1 Event)

Can provide picture of sign in or other proof

5 pts. (one club per semester)

Special Events/Conferences Etc.

Write a 1 page essay what was learned

2-5 pts.

Internship (off campus

please provide official documentation from  organization

5 pts.

Community Outreach Activity

Students must visit a facility in their community and tell us about it.

Must write 1pg paper


Attend an ILP workshop  *(If eligible)

Have GS staff confirm with Orangewood staff

1 pt.  (max 5 pts. for ILP Homework/workshops)

ILP Homework (If eligible)

Provide copy of homework to GS Staff

1 pt. (max 5 pts. for ILP Homework/workshops)

Transfer College Campus Visit


Provide business Card/Brochures for Campus Contact

3 pts.

Visit off campus Museums, Community Centers, and Libraries Etc.


Must write 1 pg. paper discussing what was learned/explored AND ticket/brochure.

3 pts.

Complete Resume, Cover Letter & Thank you Letter.

*(MUST see Rena Quinonez in Career Center)

Must provide new AND old copies.

2 pts.

Complete a Scholarship application


Confirmation of submission is required

1 pt. each


Methods of involvement are not limited to what’s provided above. To have something approved, meet with a Guardian Scholars Staff member before pursuing the method of involvement.   Please note that Incentives are dependent on program funding.                                                                                                                                                                            

The points of the various forms of verification are to be determined solely by Guardian Scholars Staff. 


Version: Spring 2015

   GS Tier System Spr  15.pdfGS Tier System Spring 15.pdf