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Faculty and Staff

DSPS Alternate Testing Information for Faculty

Guidelines for Instructors whose students have requested to test with DSPS:

Please note that in order for students to test with DSPS, students need to:

1) Be approved to receive test accommodations by DSPS (listed in their Accommodation Letter);

2) Request to use their testing accommodations in your class (via email or in person).

3) Request their accommodations each semester, for each class via DSPS's online Accommodation Request Forms

4) Receive Exam Date/Time approval from their faculty member. Students and faculty need to discuss the exam dates, so instructors know students are requesting to test at DSPS. This way, Instructors can arrange to deliver the exam to DSPS and provide DSPS with the necessary proctoring instructions.



Faculty Priorities:

1.     Provide Dates/Times of all Exams/Quizzes on Syllabus

  • Faculty are strongly encouraged to list dates and times for all quizzes, exams, midterms, finals, in-class essays, and lab practical exams on your syllabus, to be distributed the first day of the semester. This will allow DSPS students to make timely exam requests through DSPS, will alleviate potential complications with exam administration and will significantly lesson the number of emails and correspondence faculty receive from DSPS, if testing dates are posted in advance.

2.     Complete the Blue Form (Faculty Alternate Testing Agreement):

  • The Blue Form (Faculty Alternate Testing Agreement) is an online form containing important questions for faculty pertaining to their exam(s). Your detailed answers to the questions on this form will instruct DSPS Testing on how you want us to approve and administer exams on your behalf.  Faculty can fill out the Blue Form (Faculty Alternate Testing Agreement) via the following link. ( It is important faculty complete the Blue Form (Faculty Alternate Testing Agreement) as soon as possible so DSPS Testing can process and approve the student's exam request. Please know the student's exam appointment with DSPS Testing cannot be confirmed without completion of the Blue Form (Faculty Alternate Testing Agreement) by faculty.
  • Only one Blue Form (Faculty Alternate Testing Agreement) needs to be filled out for each lecture section of a course (it will automatically be applied to all DSPS students in that section). If a student has a different day or time you have agreed to allow them to test, please attach an addendum to the form under Dates section, or complete a separate Blue Form for that student.

3.     Provide Exam to DSPS Testing: Faculty can provide their exams to DSPS Testing in any one of the following ways:

  1. Email exam to by 2 PM the business day prior to the exam date.
  2. Give the exam to the student at the beginning of class, in a sealed envelope, to bring to DSPS Testing. NOTE: Professors are responsible for notifying students when and where to pick up the exam. Some instructors choose this option because they prefer that students start the exam with the rest of the class to provide instructions, clarify questions, etc. Some instructors choose this option because they prefer that students start the exam with the rest of the class to provide instructions, clarify questions, etc.Testing Accommodations - Frequently Asked Questions: 

    Testing Accommodations - Frequently Asked Questions: Coming Soon!!!

    DSPS Testing Contact Information & Hours of Operation

(714) 432-5807