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From High School to College - The Transition

The purpose of this Transition Guide is to inform high school seniors what to expect when they attend Orange Coast College.

​Right to an Education
​Title V-Privilege, Not a Right
​School District is responsible for identifying the learning or other type of disability.
​Student is responsible for providing documentation that establishes verification of the learning barriers.

DSPS may do an evaluation to determine the eligibility for the learning disabilities program.
School District designs the Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

​Student identifies his/her needs and establishes the Student Education Plan (SEP) in collaboration with DSPS Counselor.
​School District ensures that the IEP is implemented.
​Student is responsible for their own academic progress towards goals established in the SEP.
​Teacher functions as an advocate.
​Students must advocate for himself/herself.
​Fundamental alterations to program of study are made.
​Classroom Accommodations may not alter the fundamental nature of a course or impose any undue burden on an instructor/institution.
​Personal services (e.g., personal aide) are provided.
​Personal services are the students' responsibility.
​Success is more of a right.
​Only the opportunity to succeed is provided.
​Transportation to and from school is provided.
​Transportation to and from school is NOT provided.