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From High School to College - The Transition
The purpose of this Transition Guide is to inform high school seniors with special needs what to expect when they attend Orange Coast College. As you read through this guide, it is important to keep the following two points in mind:studying.jpg
  1. First and foremost, each new student needs to understand that Orange Coast College is not an extension of high school; it is not grades 13 and 14. It's college!
  2. Secondly, each student needs to keep in mind that Orange Coast College has NO SPECIAL ACADEMIC PROGRAMS other than those offered by the Learning Center. For example, there are no special Culinary Arts or Early Childhood Education programs. Nor are there any special classes, such as special history or psychology classes. Special needs students must meet the same academic requirements as any other student. That means that they must take the same exams and complete the same papers as those students without special needs.