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The Disabled Students Center


(714) 432-5807

(714) 432-5604 (TDD)

Mon - Thurs  8 AM - 5 PM

Fri  8 AM - 12 PM

What is the Disabled Students' Center (DSC)?

The Disabled Students' Center is a special services program that was initiated in 1975 and is designed to assist students who have been identified as having a physical or psychological disability that interferes with their educational progress.

Can anyone enroll in the Disabled Students' Center?

NO. To be eligible for services from the DSC, the student must meet the following three criteria:
The student must have a disability that is verified by a medical professional.
The disability must impact the student’s ability to progress in an educational setting.
The student must be able to benefit from the services provided.

What type of students are inappropriate for the DSC?

Students with documented learning disabilities should be referred to the Learning Center at (714) 432-5535. Students with temporary disabilities lasting less than 45 days are not eligible for services. Students whose disability does not impede their educational program are not eligible for services.

Do you provide any special classes for disabled students? 

Disabled students attend the same classes on campus as any other student. Accommodations and modifications are made as necessary without compromising the academic integrity of the classroom setting. There are several physical education classes that have been adapted for disabled students listed under Adapted Physical Education in the class schedule. To enroll in those classes the student must provide medical documentation of his or her disability.
In addition, the Learning Center offers individualized remedial classes in math, reading, writing and spelling for students with diagnosed learning disabilities. For more information on this program, contact the Learning Center at 714/432-5535.

Do you provide any personal aides on campus for disabled students?

NO. All disabled students attending OCC must be independent on campus in their activities of daily living or provide their own personal aide to address those needs. The DSC does not provide personal aides on campus for disabled students. In addition, students must be able to provide their own transportation to and from campus as well as be able to travel independently while on campus 

Are disabled students eligible for priority registration?

YES. The DSC provides early registration for all students registered with the Center. Fall, spring and summer early registration takes place by appointment only. 

What support services are available to DSC students?

The DSC provides a variety of support services depending on the specific disability of the student.

How are services determined? 

All special support services for students with disabilities must be related to the specific disability of the student. As an example, a student who has use of his/her upper extremities but uses a wheelchair may not be eligible for note taking assistance or extended time on tests. The appropriate support service will be determined by the Disabled Students’ Center counselor.