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Enrollment Steps

Step 1:  Application

**Step 2: Orientation**

Step 3:  Assessment

Step 4:  Student Educational Plan

Step 5:  Registration


Orientation is Step 2 of OCC's Enrollment Steps. All new students are required to complete an orientation at OCC.*  There are two accepted forms of orientation at OCC: Online and In-Person. Please note that orientations are campus-specific. This means that even if you completed an orientation at another college, you will still need to complete OCC's orientation.

Online Orientation vs. In-Person Orientation
Most of our students "attend" an Online Orientation. This is a very flexible way to orient students to college life.  That said, nearly every student has questions after orientation. We encourage you to make a note of any questions that arise while you are viewing the orientation online and bring them with you to your first counseling appointment.

In-Person Orientations are also offered throughout the year, for different programs. If you would like a "refresher," or if you are not sure that you have completed the orientation requirement, you can always re-take OCC's Online Orientation.      

How to Complete Your Online Orientation

How Do I Access the Online Orientation?
All students receive an email from the college once their application has been processed. The email provides you with your student ID number as well as instructions for how to log in to MyOCC, the student portal here at OCC.  You can access OCC's Online Orientation anytime either through MyOCC, or by using the link on this page. Using the link here will take you directly to the orientation site. Be sure to log in with the same username and password that you use to access MyOCC. 

How Long Will It Take? It should take you around one hour to complete your Online Orientation.

Can I Complete the Online Orientation More Than Once? Yes, you may take the orientation as many times as you wish, but you must take some form of OCC's Orientation at least once.*   

Click Here to Complete OCC's Online Orientation! 

Technical Difficulties?
If you have any trouble accessing or completing your Online Orientation, you can contact OCC's Technical Support. You may also call or visit the Answer Center on the first floor of Watson Hall.


*The only exception to this rule is if you already have been awarded an AA/AS degree or higher. However, please note that if you choose not to complete all SSSP services, you will lose priority registration status. For this reason, students who are technically "exempt" from completing SSSP services, are still encouraged to complete them.