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Student Educational Plan (SEP)

​Enrollment Steps

Step 1:  Application

Step 2:  Orientation

Step 3:  Assessment

Step 4: **Student Educational Plan**

Step 5:  Registration


The Student Educational Plan (SEP) is Step 4 of OCC's Enrollment Steps. All new students are required to meet with a counselor to create an SEP.
What is an SEP? 
Your Student Educational Plan (or SEP) will help you track the steps you need to take to reach your education and career goals. To create your SEP, you must make an appointment with a counselor.
Where can I find my SEP?
Your current SEP is available to you via MyOCC. Just log in to MyOCC, then click on the "Student" tab. From there, click on "Launch DegreeWorks." Your current plan is always posted on DegreeWorks. 
How does my SEP help me?
First of all, having a Student Educational Plan on file is a required Enrollment Step for new students, and also required if you want to ensure that you qualify for Priority Registration or Freshman Priority Registration.
Aside from your registration date, your SEP will also help you stay organized and plan ahead so that you meet your education goals. In DegreeWorks, you will be able to see which courses you have taken, view transfer credits that have been applied to your degree, estimate how many semesters it will take you to graduate, and see which prerequisites and corequisites are required for different courses.
You can also use the "What If" option to see how the courses you have already taken might be credited towards a different major (should you wish to change majors), or towards transferring to a given four-year college or university. Essentially, the "What If" option will allow you to see which requirements you have already met, and which requirements you still need to meet, in order to achieve a given educational goal. 
What happens if I want to change my major, or my goals?
It's OK to change your mind! You will just need to schedule another counseling appointment to update your SEP.
Abbreviated or Comprehensive? What is the difference?
There are two kinds of SEP's--abbreviated and comprehensive. Your counselor will help you determine which kind of plan you need.  
  • Abbreviated Educational Plans are quicker to create, and more general in scope. Typically, abbreviated plans are offered to new students. If you are participating in our Freshman Priority Program, and attending our DegreeWorks (Education Plan) Workshops, you will be creating an abbreviated plan.  

  • Comprehensive Educational Plans are more detailed. Typically, students will create a comprehensive plan with their counselor when they have:
    • Identified a course of study,
    • Completed assessment/placement testing,
    • Participated in an Orientation activity,
    • Developed an abbreviated SEP, AND
    • EITHER completed 15 semester units of degree-applicable, for credit course work, OR they are about to reach the end of their third semester.

Still Have Questions?
If you would like to create a Student Education Plan, or update one that is currently on file for you, you should make an appointment to meet with a counselor. Appointments can be made via

Phone: (714) 432-5078
Online: Visit Counseling's Online Appointment Page
In Person: Watson Hall, 3rd Floor