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Enrollment Steps

Step 1:  Application

Step 2:  Orientation

Step 3: **Assessment**

Step 4:  Student Educational Plan

Step 5:  Registration


Placement Testing/Assessment is Step 3 of OCC's Enrollment Steps. All new students are required to take the English (or ESL) and mathematics placement tests, with very few exceptions. The tests are not "pass or fail" tests. They simply measure your proficiency in English and math, and tell you which courses you should take.

When Can I Take a Placement Test?
In terms of completing your SSSP Requirements as a new student, and maintaining Priority Registration, you should take your placement test after you have completed your online orientation, but before you see your counselor to create your Student Educational Plan.

The Assessment Center welcomes students to test all year round. You are welcome to drop in to the Assessment Center to take a placement test during our walk-in hours, or you can make an appointment, if needed. Visit the Assessment Center site to view testing requirements, walk in hours, and contact information.

Do I Have to Take The Test?
Most likely, yes, unless you are an exempted student, or have satisfied the requirement in another way. To learn more about these exceptions, visit the Assessment Center's Placement Test Information page.

Can I Study For the Placement Test?
While you cannot "fail" a placement test, if you get a high score on the placement test, you can place closer to (or into) college-level courses. For this reason, some students like to know what kind of material is on the placement tests so that they can brush up on their math or English skills beforehand.  

The English Tests
There are two tests to choose from--one for native English speakers (English) and one for non-native English speakers (ESL). To determine which English test to take, ask yourself the following questions. If you answer "no" to one or more of these, you should take the ESL placement test.

1. Is English the first language you learned as a child?
2. Did you complete most of your education in the English language?
3. Do you usually speak English with your friends and/or coworkers?

English Sample Questions: 

The Math Tests​
There are four different levels of math placement tests available. You should review the Math Advisement Chart to decide which test level you should take. Both the Sample Questions and Placement Test Review links below are organized by test level, so that you can study specifically for the level you have chosen.

Math Sample Questions:

Still Have Questions?
If you still have questions, ask us!

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