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Student Health Insurance Info
​​​This area contains information on Health Insurance Information for OCC Students.  College students are generally a he​althy group, but every year many college students are injured in accidents.  The expense involved in even a brief hospital stay can be a grave financial burden for a college student or their family. It's a wise idea for everyone to make sure they have a health insurance policy that covers hospitalization in case of an injury or severe illness.  Health insurance policies are generally fairly reasonable for college students because they tend to be young and have little risk of serious disease.  If a student's parents have health insurance, often the student can be added to the parent's policy.  The extra expense is a worthwhile investment.


Blue Cross

Somerton Student Insurance Services
General Information

Domestic Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan is an informational clearinghouse for health insurance

All international students must purchase health insurance through the International Center and maintain their coverage throughout their studies at Orange Coast College.  For additional information, please contact the International Center directly at 714-432-5940 or via e-mail at ​