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Math Tutoring

​​Students attending a drop-in tutoring

Drop-in Tutoring

Tutors are stationed in the math area to assist drop-in students.  We have multiple tutors working each hour to help students understand math concepts and stay on task with their homework.


Study Groups

Study groups are a good way for students to work together to learn and understand difficult material.  The tutor leading the session will review concepts, answer questions and provide study skills tips.  Study groups are created based on student demand or by the request of a professor.  Sign-up sheets are located at the front desk of the Student Success Center.  New students are welcome to join ongoing groups for their classes.

Students enrolled in Math 005, Math 008, Math 010, Math 030, or Math 045 are eligible for a weekly tutoring appointment. Also, if a student is in one of the previously mentioned math courses and is in a special group on campus they can receive an additional recurring math appointment each week. If a student is in a math class beyond Math 045 and they are in a special group on campus, then they are eligible for one weekly recurring tutoring appointment. The tutor will go over class concepts, homework questions and study skills. Non-recurring appointments are funded by the Basic Skills Initiative, recurring appointments are funded by Student Equity.



There are computers in the math area for students who use an online program for homework, like MyMathLab or ALEKS. Students also have access to Modumath, a software program for improving arithmetic skills and reviewing algebra concepts.