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Office of the President

​​​ Portrait of President Dennis Harkins

Dennis Harkins, Ph.D.
OCC President



I hope you’ve had a chance to explore some of the outstanding programs and services that distinguish Orange Coast College as one of the nation’s best.  

At OCC, we share a common vision: to be the standard of excellence and transform lives through education.  It’s a bold commitment we’re proud to make - and fulfill - to our students, community, employees, and about a million other stakeholders across the globe.
As president, one of the most rewarding parts of my job is meeting so many wonderful people whose lives have been touched by OCC.  In fact, just about everywhere I go, I meet someone with a connection to the campus. Whether they’re current or former students, instructors, donors, or volunteers, OCC holds a special place in their heart.  
It’s a legacy of excellence strengthened by 60 years of community support.  I’m privileged to be part of the legacy and build upon a tradition of exceptional service and achievement. 
I’m also proud of OCC’s status as the state’s top combined transfer school, the region’s leader in career training, and the community’s trusted resource for lifelong learning. 
With your help, we continue to implement innovative strategies to meet the growing demand for services in the face of shrinking state funding.  Among them, we completed the College’s Educational Master Plan, developed annual and long-range strategic goals, finalized our enrollment management plan, and balanced our budget. 
We also revised our mission statement, introduced mobile apps, redesigned our website, and transitioned to mostly electronic publications to support sustainability.
In mapping our course for the future, we will remain focused on facilitating student success by streamlining operations, modernizing campus facilities and technology, boosting our visibility abroad to introduce students to critical global issues, and serving the community with innovative events like the annual High School Math Meet, Community Science Night, and Coast Green Day, to name a few.
Times may have changed over the past 60 years, but the College’s core values remain consistent: to serve our community with innovative learning opportunities accessible to all and achieved through exceptional stewardship and sustainability.  
Thank you for sharing our vision and helping Orange Coast College continue to set the standard of excellence and transform lives through education.    
Mission Statement
Orange Coast College serves the educational needs of its diverse local and global community. The college empowers students to achieve their educational goals by providing high quality and innovative programs and services leading to academic degrees, college transfer, certificates in career and technical education, basic skills, and workforce development to enable lifelong learning. The college promotes student learning and development by fostering a respectful, supportive and participatory campus climate of student engagement and academic inquiry.
Vision Statement
To be the standard of excellence in transforming lives through education
Institutional Commitment
Orange Coast College is committed to providing a unique learning community where freedom of thought and personal and intellectual growth is valued by all. As an outcome of their academic study, graduates of Orange Coast College possess proficiency in four core areas: Communication, Thinking Skills, Global Awareness, and Personal Development and Responsibility.
Administrators, faculty, and staff are committed to the development of students as individuals and as citizens of the world. We value teaching and learning relationships, support services, and co-curricular programs that contribute to meaningful personal growth in our students and to their quest for knowledge.
Non-Discrimination Statement
The Coast Community College District does not discriminate unlawfully in providing educational or employment opportunities to any person on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, gender expression, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition, physical or mental disability, military or veteran status, or genetic information.
Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to the Title IX Coordinator and/or the Section 504/ADA Coordinator.​​
Section 504/ADA Coordinator
Olivia Martinez, Supervisor - Special Programs & Services
Phone: (714) 432-5042