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Gonzalo Nava student of the month of November
Hi, my name is Gonzalo Nava. I am a father of 2 blessings and a husband. I’m 37 years old. My major is Kitchen Manager and Head Chef Cuisine, and I work around 40 to 45 hours every week, sometimes more than that.My personal goal at Orange Coast College is to obtain a certificate in Culinary Arts and finish my GED at Huntington Beach Adult School. Orange Coast College has a great program called Adult Education Dual Enrollment. This program has helped me continue my education and get closer to my goals. There are many services OCC provides. For example, I have been visiting counselor, Bianca Aguirre, at the Adult Education office. She is a great person. I have used the tutoring services as well. Since I started the classes at OCC, I’m feeling more confident as an adult student, even though English is my second language. Honestly, I discovered that age isn’t a problem to achieve my goals. Also, I would like to say thank you so much to the Adult Education program at OCC and Huntington Beach Adult School. I recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve their goals. Remember, age isn’t a problem! Don’t give up!!


Kaylee Tanzawa at Orange Coast College

Hi, my name is Kaylee Tanzawa. I came to the U.S. two years ago to live with my husband. At first, I was so nervous to speak English. I avoided situations that needed the use of English, but at the same time, I was eager to improve my English skills. One day, I finally decided to go to the Adult Education Office at OCC. The statement: "We provide FREE English classes" encouraged me to take action. The Adult Education Office has helped me a lot! Since the first moment, Ana took me to a PC and helped me on everything I needed for registration. I was glad I was able to communicate with her, even though my English was broken. Through this experience, I was strongly encouraged to learn English to communicate with other people. In the middle of my first semester, I heard about another opportunity from my counselor, Bianca. It was the Adult Dual Enrollment Program, which enables me to take FREE credit classes at OCC, while I attend adult school. Now, I am taking 3 CREDIT classes (9 units), rather than 3 NONCREDIT classes at OCC, and working on my High School Diploma course at Huntington Beach Adult School. It does take a lot of time, but I am fully satisfied with the great opportunities to improve my English skills and learn new things without a cost - with the exception of few textbooks. Some of my goals are to communicate with people more fluently in English. Also, to finish my high school diploma and to obtain an associate degree in Computer Science. This will help improve my skills related to my previous job in the IT industry.


Truong Nguyen Pirate Spotlight student standing infront of the OCC sign outside

Hi, my name is Truong Quynh Thu Nguyen, and I come from the vibrant and culturally rich country of Vietnam. Before Orange Coast College (OCC), I attended Lincoln Adult Education, setting the stage for my educational journey. My goal is to become a mental health expert, and OCC has been instrumental in making this dream a reality. The unwavering support from the faculty has provided me with the knowledge and skills essential for future success. OCC's counseling service, where Bianca has been incredibly helpful, has been a game-changer. Her support, specifically guiding me on the necessary subjects for my major and assisting with the registration process, has ensured a smoother path toward my goals. What distinguishes the OCC Adult Education Program is its commitment to accessibility. It has made education more feasible, enabling me to concentrate on my studies, providing more opportunities for better job prospects. In conclusion, OCC has offered the necessary tools, support, and affordability to pursue my dream of becoming a mental health expert. I'm grateful for the opportunities they've provided and their commitment to advancing education for better employment and improved skills.


Olga Mendoza student of the month of February
Hi, my name is Olga Mendoza, and I am originally from the state of Puebla, located in Mexico. My kids were excited and supportive when they found out I'd be attending school. They have been the best emotional support through this journey, along with my mother and two grandchildren. I currently attend Huntington Beach Adult School, and that is where I saw the class Orange Coast College was offering called "Child Development & Education". I knew it'd be a challenge, but I decided to get enrolled in the class and follow my dream. My main objective in my education and professional career is to finish my last 12 units at OCC to obtain my license and finally get to open my own Day Care! I realized I loved working with children when I'd help assist in my kids' school, back when they were in kindergarten. This is when I realized I wanted to pursue a career in the Child Development field. I've received so much support from OCC's professors, staff, and administration. They have helped me obtain the necessary skills and information to reach my goals. Huntington Beach Adult School also supported me through their ESL classes and programs. I just want to thank Orange Coast College for always supporting me and for being super comprehensive. They know English is my second language, and they've always made me feel confident in myself and understood.

MARCH 2024

Pirate Spotlight of March 2024, Yolanda Reyes
Hi, my name is Yolanda Reyes, and I am originally from Sonora, Mexico. I am a mother of 4. I came to the US with one of my sons, looking for a better life. I am a dedicated mother to my family, so I worked hard and married later. Once my kids grew up, I decided I wanted to start a new career. I attended Trident Education Center, which is located in Anaheim, CA. That is where I obtained my High School Diploma. When I moved to Westminster, I enrolled in the English programs at Huntington Beach Adult School to better my English. My main objective in my education and professional career is to obtain my certificate to become a Pre-K Teacher Assistant, in hopes to later become a Pre-K teacher. Orange Coast College has helped me a lot! I thank my counselor, Bianca Aguirre, as she is the one who has been guiding & encouraging me throughout this amazing journey. Whenever I felt lost, she was always there to explain any questions I had & showed me the best options to take. My family has been such a great support system! I also received support from the professors at OCC. They are always there to help & guide us. The library and Tutoring Center have also been of great support. The Adult Education program is really helpful to any adult that is willing to pursue a profession. They help you with the application process, give you advice, & encourage you to continue your education, step by step. It is amazing!

APRIL 2024

April 2024 Pirate Spotlight Vadym Hurhula
Hi, my name is Vadym Hurhula. I arrived from Ukraine to the United States with my family. I am currently attending OCC and improving my English and studying in various professions within the college. Some of my educational and career goals is to obtain a certificate in the Diplomatic sphere. I am currently working on obtaining my First Aid certification. I believe this will be beneficial in life. Orange Coast College has great and friendly staff, and I am thankful to everyone who has been supporting Ukraine.

MAY 2024

Mirella Perez standing in the campus quad at OCC
Hi, my name is Mirella Perez. I am Mexican. I 've been living in California for almost 2 years now, alongside my husband and 3 kids. In Mexico, I studied Business Administration and have a Masters in Agribusiness. I have more than 20 years of experience in the area of logistics and purchasing, mainly in the automotive industry. This is my first time studying in an adult school. My educational goals are to improve my English. To practice the grammar, pronunciation, and get a better comprehension of the language. I would like to find a job where I can contribute my experience & continue to grow in my personal and professional development. OCC has helped me achieve my goals by providing me with the opportunity to study English with advanced programs and courses with qualified teachers who are committed to student learning. I have met up with the counselor, Bianca Aguirre, to update my resume. She also helped me know about the different programs I can study to achieve my professional and educational goals. The Adult Education program is an excellent opportunity to learn and develop in the field of your choice. I want to thank the entire team of this department who are always available, with the best attitude, to help clarify doubts, solve any issue, and provide support to students and people interested in the program. I feel very lucky and grateful to be a Pirate in OCC!

JUNE 2024

July 2024


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