Library Workshops are offered in person and online via zoom


For online workshops, please sign up through this form at least 1 hour before the workshop.  The day of the workshop, you will receive a reminder email including a link to the Zoom session.  If you would like to receive extra credit, please include your instructor's name in the form. We will notify your instructor that you attended the workshop.

For in-person workshops, simply come to the Library at the appointed time, no reservation or sign-up is necessary. If you would like a workshop reminder, sign up online.   

If you need any assistance or have questions, chat with a librarian using the icon on the lower right hand side of the screen.



These 60 minute extra-credit workshops, held in the library's lecture room, will teach library and information research skills using print and electronic resources. They will also introduce the library's services and resources. Student will learn to identify and access the various library and information resources; to identify scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals; to search discipline-specific and advanced electronic resources; to do research on the web; to evaluate search results for credible resources; to cite their sources in either MLA or APA styles; and to understand how the proper use and citation of library and information resources helps avoid plagiarism.

Fall 2021 Workshop Schedule  

Spring and Intersession 2024 Library Workshops









For information on these workshops, contact Erin Gratz  at or chat with a librarian during the library's open hours.

Student Learning Outcomes:

The goal or mission of these workshops is based on the ultimate goal or mission of Information Literacy, which is that students learn library and information research skills that make them independent and life-long learners.

When a student has completed these library workshops, he/she will be:

  • Aware how to identify, access, and evaluate credible library and information resources using a variety of search strategies.

  • Aware how to correctly cite library and information resources and avoid plagiarism.