Mission Statement

The Political Science Department facilitates the success of general education students and political science majors by offering lower division courses in each of the sub-fields: American government, international relations, comparative politics, public law, and political theory. Political Science classes emphasize the importance of an informed citizenry, seek to instill the ability to analyze political phenomena in a critical way, and develop the communication skills to convey those analyses to others.

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Patrick Coaty, Ph.D.
Professor Coaty teaches American Government in both a classroom and online environment. He has been a full-time faculty member since 1999.

Rendell Drew, Ed.D.
Professor Drew teaches American Government and serves on a variety of campus committees, including the Academic Senate. He has been a full-time faculty member since 2004.
Vesna Marcina, Ph.D.
Professor Marcina teaches Political Theory, Comparative Politics, and American Government. She is currently serving as Academic Senate President, which is keeping her out of the classroom. She has been a full-time faculty member since 2002.

Mark Roessler
Professor Roessler teaches Honors American Government and International Relations. He has been a part-time faculty member at OCC.

Ann Marie Williams
Professor Williams teaches American Government and Current Issues. She has worked for the Clinton White House and for the League of California Cities. She has been a part-time faculty member since 2008.