The Electronics Technology program trains students in those basic electronics skills necessary for immediate employment and provides the foundation for more advanced studies.

Electronics is an industrial area of growth and opportunity. Constantly up-graded new technologies have created a strong demand for employees who are well trained as electronics technicians. Employment opportunities also exist in many related fields, such as computing, communications, industrial controls, aerospace, biomedical electronics, semi-conductor fabrication, and instrumentation. Employee assignments ordinarily involve product testing, troubleshooting of circuits and systems, or field maintenance and repair. The employment outlook in communities surrounding Orange Coast College continues to be excellent.

Our Programs

Professional Upgrade Certificates

The following Professional Upgrade Certificates of Completion are intended for the advanced electronics student or the employed technician who desires some advanced training in a specific area. Most courses listed have required prerequisites.

Certificates may be obtained from the Technology Division Office by bringing in official records showing the successful completion of required courses.



A program of study which covers microcomputer architecture, interconnections to peripheral circuits, and assembly language programming.


Test & Troubleshooting

A program of study which covers electronic test equipment, troubleshooting and repair techniques, and basic use of small computers.