Welcome to Orange Coast College

Orange Coast college is one of the most innovative colleges in the nation, our faculty and staff provide our diverse student population with a wide range of academic and career experiences in programs that meet the growing needs of employers throughout the area.

Whether you are enrolling at Orange Coast College to prepare for your first job, to improve your options at your current or next job, you will find programs and resources to suit your goals.

Through our educational and business partnerships, we offer innovative training opportunities as well as transfer options to numerous four-year colleges and universities. By taking advantage of the variety of programs and resources we offer at Orange Coast College, you will develop the skills you need to improve your earnings in an ever-changing economy.

As you progress in your training, our dedicated faculty and staff will be there to provide the services, encouragement and guidance necessary to build your confidence and enhance your chances for success in the workplace of the 21st century.

To begin your journey, please review the information about our certificates and select the program of study that is most suited to your needs.

Program Certificates and Course Descriptions

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Transfer Courses
All courses numbered 100 or higher are transferable to the California State Universities (CSU). Courses that are transferable to the University of California are designated 'UC'. Some of these courses have limits on the amount of credit that is granted. See the UC Transferable Course List available in the Counseling Center or Transfer Center for these limitations. Courses that are non-credit or not AA degree applicable are designated with the letter 'N' preceding the course number. Identification of courses that have been accepted into the California Articulation Number (CAN) system appears after the course title.​

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