OCC's Machine Technology program is designed to train students for entry-level positions as machine operators. Additionally, both beginning students and working machinists can build on their skill and knowledge of completing the requirements for one of the advanced certificates.

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The Machine Technology program is divided into four areas: Machinist, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator, CNC Programmer, and Tool Maker. All four programs follow sequential plans which spin off from the core machinist program. After completing the machinist program in two semesters, the student can take the classes required for one of the more advanced certificates. The student who co​mpletes the machinist program also satisfies the major requirements for the Associate in the Arts degree.

Note: Two unit contract education course requirements must be designed in cooperation with the student and the instructor, or the student, instructor, and employer. This course will require the student to complete a project from beginning to end, to include all necessary paperwork, fixturing, programming, and machining of the final part, or the student may take Advanced CNC Machine Operation course.

  • The Machinist certificate program trains students for positions as entry-level operators, which often are the first manufacturing jobs for industrial employees. This certificate program provides the skill and knowledge necessary for job candidates to become successful wage earners. This program also comprises the core courses for the more advanced certificates.