The Digital Media Arts & Design program is an interdisciplinary program of study which emphasizes process and problem-solving in conjunction with visual design issues. The faculty hold M.A.s and M.F.A.s in the arts and pursue careers as exhibiting fine artists and/or designers/art directors. Both conceptual development and the generation of a portfolio suitable for job application or transfer to a degree program are key elements in this program. Students are encouraged to explore the role and function of imagery, language, and presentation format in developing work. Students are introduced to both contemporary and historic design and fine art developments.
The DMAD program is designed both for the artist and designer interested in acquiring skills as well as exploring the realm of digital media. The business sector is eager to find qualified candidates who not only understand a particular media format, but also know how to construct and develop projects and content. This program provides a concentrated overview of digital media incorporating fine arts issues and skills, design and concept development while introducing industry standard software.
DMAD courses provide broad-based entry level training for a variety of industries, however, students are encouraged to work toward an Associate in Arts degree. Currently our program offers three certificates: a certificate in Computer Graphics, a certificate concentrating in Multimedia, and a Digital Graphics Production certificate. Students are introduced to a broad range of media, including 2-D and 3-D design, animation, illustration, painting, photography, video, music, sound recording, as well as narrative/sequential strategies and the techniques required to incorporate these areas into print, WEB site, CD, video and DVD output.

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Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are offered in three areas for Digital Media Arts and Design: Computer Graphics, Multimedia, and Digital Graphics Production. All courses numbered 100 or higher are transferable to CSU schools. For more information on certificate programs, achieving your AA, or transferring to a university, please consult the Course Catalog.