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OCC Recycling Center 2023 Closures:

Please be advised that the OCC Recycling Center is Temporarily Closed.  


Here are few links to other Recycle Centers in the area:
Beach Side Recyclers, Huntington Beachhttps://www.beachsiderecycling.com/
Allan Company, Santa Anahttps://www.allancompany.com/
OC Recycling, Santa Anahttps://www.ocrecycling.com/

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Temporarily Closed

Important Info, all CalRecycle regulations for CRV buyback by State Certified Recycling Centers will be followed, including:

  • Load Limits – If any aspect of a load exceeds CalRecycle load limits (100 lbs each for plastics or aluminum, 1000 lbs of glass), the entire load will be rejected.
  • Count limits – Materials are able to be paid by count (by request), up to 50 of each material in a load, per day.
  • Contamination – Excess dirt, liquids, food waste, or other contaminants may warrant price discounts for affected materials

Thank you for all of the calls, e-mails, and Facebook comments during our time of closure. We appreciate the immense support we have received from our community and we look forward to serving your recycling needs!

The Orange Coast College Recycling Center will pay back current value of 5 cents per each container under 24 oz. and 10 cents per container 24 oz. or larger of liquid or ready-to-drink products in aluminum, glass, plastic, and bi-metal containers that have the "California Redemption Value" or "CRV" message on the label.

We buy back only "California Redemption Value" (CRV) beverage containers.

ALL CAPS must be removed from plastic bottles prior to arriving at the recycling center.

We also accept donations of the following materials:
  • Aluminum cans and tin cans
  • Plastic bottles with resin codes #1 or #2 on the bottom (the number inside the triangle)
  • Glass food and beverage containers
  • All kinds of paper: office paper, computer print out paper, newspaper, magazines, phone books, books, junk mail, cardboard, shopping bags etc...
  • E-waste limited to computers, non-DLP televisions and computer monitors, cell phones, and laptops, & household appliances

We do NOT accept: Scrap metal, furniture, auto or marine batteries, used motor oil, paint, chemicals or other hazardous waste.

For more information on household hazardous waste sites please contact the Orange County Hazardous Materials Program at 17121 Nichols Street, Huntington Beach, California (714) 834-6752

For more information about recycling please call 1-800-RECYCLE or visit our links page to find other websites about recycling.

To confidentially report any comments or concerns regarding recycling center operations, the hotline number is: 1-888-622-5376

"CRV" Price List:

"CRV" containers by weight:
Material Price
Aluminum cans $1.65 / lb.
Glass $0.106 / lb.
Bi-Metal $0.40 / lb.
Plastic #1 (PET) $1.31 / lb.
Plastic #2 (HDPE) $0.56 / lb.

"CRV" containers by count*:
Material Price
Under 24 oz. $0.05 / ea.
Over 24 oz. $0.10 / ea.


*Containers can be paid by count up to 50 of each material per load, per day
**Per CalRecycle regulations, we are prohibited from purchasing from any one customer in excess of 100lbs per day of aluminum cans or plastic bottles or 1,000lbs of glass.  If any load contains amounts in excess of these limits or exceeds these daily per-customer limits, the entire load will be rejected.

Household Hazardous Waste

For information about household hazardous waste and find your closest collection site visit OC Waste & Recycling.


OCC Recycling Accepts Limited E-Waste

The OCC Recycling Center is now a State Certified Collector of electronic waste. We can accept non-DLP televisions, computer monitors, computers, laptops and cell phones. All other electronic waste can be recycled through Household Hazardous Waste.


Orange Coast College To Auction Surplus Equipment

Orange Coast College will be periodically holding on-line auctions of surplus equipment, furniture and electronics.


The Recycling Center is located on Adams Ave between Fairview Rd and Pinecreek.

See our campus map for more information and directions.

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