Orange Coast College's Classified Senate electorate consist of full-time and part-time classified professionals. Senators representing each wing of the college, as well as additional full-time at-large and part-time at large senators, are elected for two-year terms.

  • One (1) Institutional Advancement and Effectiveness Wing Senator
  • Three (3) Student Services Wing Senators
  • Three (3) Administrative Services Wing Senators
  • Four (4) Instruction Wing Senators
  • Six (6) Full-Time Classified Senators at Large
  • Two (2) Part-Time Classified Senators at Large
  • One (1) non-voting student, appointed by the Student Senate


John Fawcett
Jeanette Grimm
Vice President, Committee Membership & Outreach
Katie Olivier
Vice President, Finances & Events
Jillian Whistler
Vice President, Communications & Marketing
Beatriz Rodriguez
Administrative Support
(714) 432-5050


Senate Members Title Terms
Scott Broberg Full Time At-Large 2022-2024
Heather Dominguez Full Time At-Large 2022-2024
John Fawcett Instructional Wing; President 2022-2024
Lucy Grams Full-Time At-Large 2022-2024
Jeanette Grimm Student Services Wing; VP of Committee Membership & Outreach 2022-2024
Sue Harlan Instructional Wing 2023-2025
Katie Olivier Student Services Wing; VP of Finance & Events 2022-2024
Cecilia Schreyer Instructional Wing 2023-2025
Sean Wellengard Institutional Advancement and Effectiveness Wing  2023-2024
Jillian Whistler Student Services Wing; VP of Communications & Marketing 2022-2024
Curtis Williams Full-Time At-Large 2023-2025
Eric Wilson ​Instructional Wing ​2022-2024
Alexia Wood Full-Time At-Large 2023-2025
Zaina Alayyan ASOCC Representative (Non-Voting) 2022-2024
VACANT Administrative Services Wing 2023-2025
VACANT Administrative Services Wing 2023-2025
VACANT Administrative Services Wing 2022-2024
VACANT Full Time At-Large 2022-2024
VACANT Part-Time At-Large 2022-2024
VACANT Part-Time At-Large (2) 2022-2024