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The mission of CalWORKs at Orange Coast College is to assist and guide CalWORKs student-parents to realize their goal of family self-sufficiency by promoting post-secondary education, obtaining the job and “soft” skills necessary to successfully compete in today’s workforce, as well as striving for a healthy, well-balanced family. CalWORKs at Orange Coast College is partnered with the County of Orange Social Services Agency, ResCare, Inc., MAXIMUS, and other community agencies to achieve these objectives.

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What is CalWORKs?

In 1996 President Bill Clinton signed into legislation the bill, known as the “Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act” (PRWORA), which ended a federal guarantee of aid to the poor that had existed since the New Deal days of President Franklin Roosevelt. California combined the federal grant with state funds and named the program “California Work Opportunities & Responsibility to Kids” or CalWORKs. Although the federal view of welfare reform has been one of “work first”, the state of California recognized that many cash aid recipients would benefit by continuing with their self-initiated education programs. Therefore, during the 48-month (four year) federal time limit, a qualified student-parent may have the opportunity to proceed with education; increase skills and talents; and/or earn a certificate, Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree at a four-year university, which will ensure the future self sufficiency of their family. Learn more about CalWORKS at California Department of Social Services

For more information regarding the CalWORKs Program, please contact:
Vickie Hay, Coordinator
Tel: (714) 432-5636   FAX: (714) 432-5824