Although Honors students apply to many different colleges and universities, most are seeking the priority admissions agreements that are housed within this program. These agreements/contracts usually do not guarantee that students will receive an offer of admission. However, students who qualify to apply under these contracts greatly enhance their chances of being admitted to these particular schools.

The Honors Transfer Council of California has negotiated transfer agreements on behalf of the OCC Honors Program for priority consideration for admission (and other pre-transfer benefits, in some cases) to a number of colleges and universities. Check this list from time to time for updates -- we're always working on new transfer agreements!  Here are some of the most popular transfer destinations among them:

UCLA -Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) Certification

College of Letters and Science ONLY

The UCLA College of Letters & Science (L&S) offers students who have been CERTIFIED by their participating college Honors Programs priority consideration for admission. This is not a guarantee (UCLA does not offer any guarantees of admission), but does significantly improve the likelihood of admission to the most selective majors in L&S. Communications is the only exception.  

Also, students applying as TAP-certified transfer candidates are also permitted to name a qualifying alternate major (non-selective in L&S).  This means that, if the applicant is denied admission to their first-choice major offered any UCLA College or School, their application will be reviewed a second time for admission to the L&S alternate major. While the UCLA/TAP agreement does not extend to majors offered by the other schools and colleges at UCLA, including The School of the Arts and Architecture, The Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, The School of Nursing, and The School of Theater, Film and Television, it does allow applicants whose primary goal is attending UCLA a second possibility for TAP Certification based on their qualifying alternate major without having to wait a year to apply again. 

Alternate majors MAY NOT be chosen from among the highly selective majors (these are shown with an asterisk (*) on the UCLA Profile of Admitted Transfer Students). But non-selective majors WILL be considered as alternatives for selective College of Letters and Science majors as well as majors in the other pre-professional UCLA Colleges and Schools.  Adequate preparation for the alternate L&S major is strongly recommended.

The TAP Certification Cycle and Deadline. Certification begins in January each year as soon as fall grades have been added to the transcripts. TAP and UCI Transfer Certification forms will be sent out to all Honors Program students and are available on request via email or at the Garrison Honors Center. The deadline to meet with an Honors Councelor for Certification review is usually mid-February. Pay attention to MyCoast announcements and messages that will be sent to your STUDENT email address.

UC Irvine

Transfer Honors Program (TH)

Priority admission, individual advising, library card, housing guarantee, cultural events invites, fall outreach program.


THE Guarantee Program

Transfer students applying through the Transfer Honors Enrollment Guarantee program are considered for admission to the Campuswide Honors Program as part of the UC Irvine admissions process. UC Irvine’s Office of Admissions will post admissions decisions for transfer students to 

MyAdmissionsApplication@UCI  message boards (MYAA) no later than April 30. If you are invited to join the CHP, this will be indicated in the left-hand column in your MYAA message board. You will also receive an invitation letter from the CHP office in the mail in March. Your invitation to join the CHP is conditional upon admission to UC Irvine.

Chapman University

Priority admission to the university (excluding Dodge College, Performing and Visual Arts, and Business Administration)

Loyola Marymount University

Priority consideration for admission to Loyola Marymount University for those students who meet Loyola Marymount University requirements for upper-division transfer, apply to Loyola Marymount University prior to the duly established deadline, and achieve a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.25. Students should be aware that certain majors might be impacted, making admissions into these programs more competitive and limiting the number of students that can be accepted for a given semester.

Mills College

Priority admissions to the university. Scholarships for eligible candidates.

Georgetown University

Annual nominations. To be considered as a nominee, please make a scheduled appointment with OCC Honors Transfer Counselor, Linda Bagatourian, to discuss Georgetown as a first-choice targeted transfer school.  Counseling appointments are made on Thursday mornings beginning at 8am by being IN LINE at the Counseling Appointment Desk (Watson Hall - 3rd floor) or ONLINE (Student Services --> Counseling --> Make an Appointment); or by visiting the Transfer Center (Watson Hall - 2nd floor).

Other institutions with special transfer agreements with HTCC/OCC Honors:

  • Amherst College
  • Colorado State University, Global Campus
  • Connecticut College
  • CSU Fullerton – Business/Honors Program
  • Gonzaga University
  • La Sierra University
  • Occidental College
  • Pitzer College
  • Pomona College
  • Scripps, the Women's College Claremont
  • University of Arizona
  • University of La Verne
  • University of San Diego
  • Whitman College
  • Whittier College