The Kinesiology and Athletics Division offers a variety of clubs and programs to meet the co-curricular needs and interest of students. Clubs are a vital part of the college experience, and the clubs in Kinesiology provide opportunities for discipline specific student leadership, professional development, and community service.

Program Mission Statement:

Adapted Kinesiology encourages individuals with disabilities and/or chronic illness to study and apply general fitness and movement principles throughout their lifelong participation in physical activity, exercise, and sport. Adapted Kinesiology also supports volunteers and interns pursuing knowledge and experience with this population in the Fitness and Healthcare industry.


Program Description:

Adapted Kinesiology classes are designed for students with disabilities who can benefit from individualized exercise programs and sport activities. Students are encouraged to maximize their physical potential within the limitations of their disabilities. Physical activities provide opportunities to transition into other physical education courses, use for transfer or just function at the highest physical level possible. Individualized programs provide adaptive equipment, appropriate exercise and sport activities, supervision as well as assistance.


Student Volunteer Assistants are recruited to work with the students with disabilities in their classes and gain valuable experience and service hours towards careers in the Fitness and Healthcare Industry. Student Volunteer Assistants may choose to add an internship in Adapted Kinesiology and move on to study towards a BA/BS in this area.  Career opportunities are dependent on undergraduate and graduate degrees, experience and advanced certifications through organizations such as ACSM, ACE, ISSA etc.


Some Career Possibilities:

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Fitness Specialist, Exercise Technician, Exercise Specialist, Exercise Physiologist, Community Exercise Specialist, Physical Educator, Adapted Physical Education Specialist, Educator, Professor, Researcher


Title of Courses in Program:

  • Adapted Aquatics
  • Adapted Strength & Balance
  • Adapted Stretch
  • Adapted Cardio
  • Adapted Individual Sport
  • Adapted Strength
  • Adapted Aerobics


Fast Facts about the Program:

  • Adapted Kinesiology supports an attitude of inclusion and acceptance of differences, promotes lifelong physical activity, and empowers individual students to embrace all aspects of wellness.
  • Students learn in an active engaging setting taught by outstanding faculty and supported with active, enthusiastic Student Volunteer Assistants.
  • AKIN encourages participation in the Spirit of Ability Club, college and community events that support socio-cultural interaction, fitness and health.
  • Potential students must register as an OCC student and through Disabled Students Programs and Services on campus. Call 714-432-5807 to request an appointment.
  • Adapted Kinesiology students and volunteers act as advocates for access to community fitness opportunities for people with disabilities and/or chronic illness.  


Contact information:

For more information regarding potential AKIN student's individual needs, suggestions for appropriate classes and class details, and/or enquiries regarding AKIN volunteer and internship opportunities, please contact Heather Pecora at

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Orange Coast College Student Sports Medicine Program (SSMP) is to provide a distinctive comprehensive health care education that focuses on the care of physically active individuals. The goal of the program is to prepare students for the rigors of athletic training programs recognized by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). Students will also gain fundamental skills applicable to alterative career options such as physical therapy, chiropractic, and orthopedics. The combination of didactic coursework from kinesiology studies, and clinical internship with health care professionals creates an optimal learning environment in which students gain hands on experiences with the OCC athletic teams. 





Guido Sendowsky

Associate Professor -- Kinesiology/Health Science

Program Mission Statement:

The Orange Coast College Working on Wellness Program (WOW) promotes, maintains and improves the fitness, health, and well-being of faculty, staff, and administrators in support of the institution's mission. This is accomplished by providing weekly fitness and activities while delivering health and nutrition education leading to a positive lifestyle change resulting in improved employee productivity and morale.

Services are accessible, cost effective, and provided in a caring and professional manner, and the WOW program staff continuously improves the quality of its care and services.


Program Description: Body Sculpting Classes

Body Sculpting is a total body workout composed of exercises using lightweights, body weight, and cardio.  Each Body Sculpting workout incorporates lower body, upper body and core strengthening movements for a total body workout!  The class is for all fitness levels and is designed to help individuals push themselves physically and mentally! The atmosphere is fun, intense, positive, and always tons of fun!

Courtney Nix, the WOW program coordinator is a certified personal trainer with several years of experience teaching group fitness classes and a part-time instructor in the Kinesiology department. Courtney is directly involved in the Fitness Specialist Certification Program. 

For more information about the WOW Program contact Courtney at:


Program Description: Yoga Classes

The WOW yoga class is designed for faculty and staff with a variety of experiences with Yoga. The general focus includes beginning and intermediate movements including light twist, gentle folds and restorative postures to help bring the body and mind back to a state of harmony and balance. This class is suitable for all levels of experience, from beginner who is looking to gain fundamental knowledge of the postures to those who look to deepen their practice by revisiting the basics. This class is also for those who lack flexibility or are recovering from injuries. Focus will be placed on increasing overall flexibility, joint stabilization, strength, and core strength while learning the proper breath to movement technique.

Heather Pecora is a certified yoga instructor with a Master's of Science in Physical Education from Azusa Pacific University. She is 200RYT certified, working towards her 500RYT Certificate. Heather has been working at OCC since 2009 as an assistant women's soccer coach and has focused her work on teaching yoga since the start of the 2014 semester. Contact Heather at


Fast Facts about the WOW Program:  

  • Personalized assessments to track your progress and stay on target with your goals
  • Wow students experience weight reduction, gain more confidence, improve their cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance, and flexibility.
  • The results of continual participation in body sculpting and yoga helps reduce stress, anxiety, lower blood pressure, and depression.
  • Structured group workout environment provides moral support and increases accountability


Contact information:

Courtney Nix:

Heather Pecora: