Our mission is to provide students with chemistry courses that teach concepts, problem solving skills, laboratory and safety skills, and to assist students in the development of higher-level reasoning skills, such as synthesis and analysis.

Furthermore, it is our goal to provide students with the best quality education, so that they will be competitive with students educated at larger schools.  The material we teach is challenging, and requires a great deal of effort, diligence and perseverance on the students' behalf, but we are here to provide all the assistance and guidance we can! Please consult the college catalog for more information regarding the program.

Watch the OCC Campus Safety Building Evacuation PSA​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Learn more about Laboratory Safety Rules (PDF).


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Mickey Laux, chemistry Department co-chair jlaux@occ.cccd.edu
Thomas Mucciaro, Chemistry Department co-chair tmucciaro@occ.cccd.eduCecilia Schreyer, Chemistry Instructional Lab Coordinator cschreyer@occ.cccd.edu, chemistry stockroom 714-432-5848