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What is MESA?

MESA stands for Math Engineering Science Achievement, and is an academic program dedicated to helping first generation college students achieve success in STEM. By providing additional resources, community, and support to these students we ensure they are prepared for their transition to a four-year institution. Each year students from our program successfully transfer to four-year institutions to further pursue their future careers in STEM.

Our Vision: To create a supportive learning environment where our students are inspired to achieve excellence, while being equipped with the skills and confidence necessary to become the next generation of leaders and innovators in their fields.

Our Mission: Empower first-generation students from diverse backgrounds to excel in STEM fields through equitable access to resources, targeted programming, professional growth opportunities, and community building. 

Our Values: MESA is committed to upholding the spirit of equity, diversity, excellence, and collaboration in our program and for our students.

Students who are part of the MESA Program will be part of a supportive, like-minded community, have access to additional study spaces and equipment, and be provided with support building professional skills through research, internship, and networking opportunities.


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