What is the STEM Academy?

​The Orange Coast College STEM Academy serves as an academic support program that connects STEM-declared and/or STEM-interested students to the resources and tools they need to succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses offered at the college.  

Students interested in joining the STEM Academy are asked to meet the following:  

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Attend a pre-semester event and mandatory orientation (All applicants will receive a formal invite via email)
  • Be enrolled in at least 1 STEM course at Orange Coast College 
  • Be enrolled in at least 6 units at OCC
  • Declare or plan to declare a STEM major at OCC within the semester that you apply to the Program
  • Apply to the Program before the application deadline (deadline date varies by semester - check back here as the start of the semester nears) 
Once a student becomes active in the Program, they are asked to uphold the following: 

Program Expectations

  • Attend at least 1 STEM workshop or event per semester
  • Meet with a STEM Counselor at least once a semester
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA each semester and receive support to increase GPA 
  • Remain up to date on all matters relating to the STEM Academy program, by remaining active on Canvas and reading email and text notifications
  • Sign Program Contract (Available at the STEM Academy Orientation)
  • Notify the STEM Academy staff if contact information changes (i.e. phone number, email, etc.) by emailing stemacademy@occ.cccd.edu


Here's How and Why to Join the STEM Academy

  • Build skills to become a successful STEM student 

  • Access to simple scheduling and consistent support from STEM Counselors

  • Opportunities to participate in research with a professor 

  • Opportunities to connect with Peer Mentors 

  • Optional group tutoring is available
  • You'll be a part of a support network that can guide you through your journey at OCC

  • Access to information about how to be pursue a teaching career in STEM 

  • + MUCH MORE!


  Click Here to Apply


Contact Information

Marie Vaughan, STEM Program Administrative Support

Email: mvaughan@occ.cccd.edu

STEM Academy: stemacademy@occ.cccd.edu


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