​​​​​​​​The Construction Technology program has courses that can be divided into two major areas of emphasis: Residential Trades and Construction Management. Due to the vast diversity of occupations and areas of specialization within the construction industry and recognizing that individual student needs will be as diverse, a Certificate of Achievement can be designed that satisfies those specific needs. Completion of a certificate program satisfies the major requirement for the Associate in Arts degree.


  • Construction Technology
    Construction Safety/CAL-OSHA course​ is required for any first earned Certificate Achievement.
    It is recommended that all beginning, full-time students enroll in the following courses leading to a Certificate of Achievement. 

  • Residential Construction Development 
    Students may earn a second and third award of the certificate by completing eighteen (18) or more units from the following list, however, no course may be applied to more than one certificate.

  • Master Construction Specialist
    The terms "Master" and "Specialist" imply a very broad knowledge in several of the construction trades and management disciplines. Students who complete this program will have their names displayed on a perpetual "Award of Excellence" listing in the Construction Department.

  • Construction Certificates of Achievement
    Students may earn a Certificate of Completion in any of the subject areas specified.

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