​​​​​​​​The Construction Technology program has courses that can be divided into two major areas of emphasis: Residential Trades and Construction Management. Due to the vast diversity of occupations and areas of specialization within the construction industry and recognizing that individual student needs will be as diverse, a Certificate of Achievement can be designed that satisfies those specific needs. Completion of a certificate program satisfies the major requirement for the Associate in Arts degree.

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Our Programs

Basic Construction Practices

Construction Safety/CAL-OSHA course​ is required for any first earned Certificate Achievement.

It is recommended that all beginning, full-time students enroll in the following courses leading to a Certificate of Achievement.


Residential Construction Development Third Award

Students may earn a second and third award of the certificate by completing eighteen (18) or more units from the following list, however, no course may be applied to more than one certificate.


Master Construction Specialist

The terms "Master" and "Specialist" imply a very broad knowledge in several of the construction trades and management disciplines. Students who complete this program will have their names displayed on a perpetual "Award of Excellence" listing in the Construction Department.


Residential Construction Professional Upgrade Certificates

Students may earn a Certificate of Completion in any of the subject areas specified.