The Orange Coast College Art Department offers students courses in almost every art form imaginable. Ceramics classes offer students an introduction to the potter's wheel, and instruct in the basics of art forms including raku, and porcelain. Drawing courses at Orange Coast teach pencil sketching, life drawing, and even offer an honors class in freehand techniques. In the field of design and illustration, students can create new characters and new worlds by taking courses in Narrative Illustration and Entertainment Art. History and Appreciation courses offer students the chance to better understand the link between history and the art that emerges from specific periods; there are more detailed courses related to contemporary and Asian art. Painting classes at Orange Coast are a great way for students to start their art education, with courses that specialize in landscapes/still life and life painting. Students may also choose to learn carving, modeling, and casting in sculpture classes. Finally, for more "alternative" art students, OCC offers classes in jewelry and printmaking.

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