Rapid Illustration Techniques Class

illustration of making a Pikachu origami
Diagramming 1 - Pikachu Origami: 6 steps to make a Pikachu
illustration of making rabbit origami
Diagramming 2: Origami Rabbit - 12 steps showing how to make a rabbit
Illustration of making a bird-like paper airplane. Text: How 2 bird in 10 easy steps
Diagramming 2: Make bird-like paper airplane in 10 steps
Illustration of making panda origami
Diagramming 4: Origami Panda - 6 steps showing how to make a panda
Illustration of making origami boat
Diagramming 5: Origami Boat - 11 steps showing how to make a boat
Illustration of making origami butterfly
Diagramming 6: Origami Butterfly - 7 steps showing how to make a butterfly
Illustration of Hybrid Tank-like vehicle
Hybrid Vehicle 1: Tank-like vehicle
Illustration of fish-like vehicle
Hybrid Vehicle 2: Fish shaped vehicle
Illustration of bird-like vehicle
Hybrid Vehicle 3: Bird-like vehicle
Illustration of Hopper Chopper
Hybrid Vehicle 5: Insect-like flying vehicle
Illustration of a walking human-like insect
Hybrid Vehicle 4: Walking Human-like Insect
Illustration of H2O Go
Industrial Design 1: Insulated Mug
Illustration of Eureka Vacuum cleaner
Industrial Design 2: Eureka Vacuum Cleaner
Illustration of Penguin Cocktail Shaker
Industrial Design 3: Penguin shaped cocktail shaker
Illustration of Benefit Watt's Up
Industrial Design 4: Make-up applicator
Illustration of disassembling a moka pot
Industrial Design 5: Moka Pot
Illustration of dreamcast game console
Industrial Design 6: Dreamcast game console
Illustration of a heat gun
Industrial Design 7: Heat Gun