Hannah HANNAH:

I chose to enroll in Orange Coast College’s Film and Video program specifically because of its outstanding reputation.  In my time there, I earned an education that rivals anything I might have received at other 4-year institutions or film schools. The department’s staff and faculty create an environment where those who really want to learn can get all that they put into it. 

The great thing about OCC’s film and video program is that it provides a very practical, well-rounded curriculum.  I left OCC with an applicable understanding of all aspects of production, which has greatly enhanced my value in the industry marketplace.  The faculty and staff are an ideal blend of career educators and industry professionals, providing students both the fundamentals and hands-on learning.

Another very important aspect of OCC’s film department is its emphasis on networking.  The faculty and staff go the extra mile to create opportunities for building relationships with industry players.  Most notably, the school’s association with the Newport Beach Film Festival gave me a very special opportunity to showcase my work in front of a global audience.

In the time since I left OCC, I’ve been working as a video editor for production and marketing companies in Orange County and Los Angeles.  I was able to step right out of school and into the real world of entertainment with all the foundational skills and support that I need to be successful.  I plan to continue using all the skills I learned at OCC in my pursuit of projects that inspire positivity and social good.


Gustav GUSTAV:

I’m from Sweden. I started the film program at OCC the fall of 2009. During my two years in the program I learned everything from film history to work ethics and how to utilize advanced film equipment. All of this was very useful for me when I went on my first film set. What I really liked is that OCCs program produce just as good projects as any 4-year university.

During my last semester at OCC I got myself a internship on a feature film. Thanks to OCC I went on with great knowledge and gave a good first impression on my co-workers. After less than a year from my graduation I had already worked on stages and back lots of Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures, on commercials featuring ”A-list celebrities”.


Azia AZIA:

I did not originally plan to go to Orange Coast College.  I thought I would be a freshman at Chapman University in the Fall until I ran into obstacles during the financial application process.  So, three weeks before school started, I found myself registering at OCC.  It wasn't until I needed an elective that I began to love Orange Coast College.  I took an introductory film class, and from there, I finally felt that I discovered my niche.  The broadcast journalism and other film production classes were interesting and as I later realized, extremely necessary!  The lessons that I learned in those classes helped me transition ahead of the curve when I enrolled in Chapman's Dodge College of Film and TV the next year.

The connections that I made in OCC's film department led me to my first internships and have opened many other doors since.  I can honestly say that most of my achievements are due to the faculty and friends that I made during my time at OCC.  In a commuter school with more than 30,000 students, it can be difficult to find the inspiration to go to class and meet people; OCC's film department is a place to express creativity among friends. 


Justin JUSTIN:

I owe every success I have achieved in my film career to Orange Coast College’s Film and Video department. Beginning with an introductory video workshop (Film 110) I knew nothing of what it takes to make a film. The Certificate Program really is a great map to follow for all would-be filmmakers. If Television is more your forte, Orange Coast College owns a state-of-the-art, fully operational HD television studio. The best part about Orange Coast College’s certificate program is it offers classes devoted to every aspect of both film and television production.

While I was working toward my certificate, I interned with a great company (through OCC's Internship Academy) that immensely prepared me for a career in film. That coupled with the knowledge and training I received from Orange Coast College, I felt confident enough to offer my services as a freelance videographer. I have since worked for the University of Southern California as a freelance event videographer and am currently employed by New York University TV as a freelance videographer/technician. Whether film or television is your passion, Orange Coast College will provide you with the training and knowledge you need to go out and work in the field of your choice.


Danica DANICA:

I was lucky to be a part of OCC's Film and TV department. I am an aspiring TV host and through the film department I got the opportunity to take broadcasting classes, host several student TV shows, report at the Newport Beach Film Festival, and act in student films. Those experiences have given me practice and experiences in the TV and film industry.

After I left OCC I immediately started working in LA for NBC, E! News, Chelsea Lately, and AfterBuzz.  Being a part of OCC's film department given me practical knowledge for my current and future jobs. I would recommend their department to anyone going into that field.