Does Cal Grant have a Limit? text with question marks surrounding a student

Four Years

Yes. As a Cal Grant A or B recipient, you may receive up to the equivalent of four years of full-time grant payments. The duration of your eligibility will be based on your educational level at the time you receive your first Cal Grant payment. Your eligibility will be reduced by each term that you receive payment.


Examples of Lifetime Eligibility Used - LEU for an Academic Year

Enrollment Status Enrolled Units Fall Award Used Per Semester Spring Award Used Per Semester Award Used for Academic Year
Less than 1/2 time 0.5 - 5.5 12.5% 12.5% 25%
1/2 time 6 - 8.5 25% 25% 50%
3/4 time 9 - 11.5 37.5% 37.5% 75%
Full time 12 or more 50% 50% 100%,2,3,25,4,5,16,6,7,17,8,9,10,21,11,18,75,74,12,76,13,19,14,26,15,20,27
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