The Student Government of Orange Coast College (SGOCC)  is committed to supporting the mission of the College through intentional programming in the areas of student engagement, leadership development, service-learning, recreation, and student support services.   The goal of the SGOCC is to create a vibrant student life to connect our students to the campus and to purposefully develop co-curricular experiences which will complement the academic learning and create the space for students to develop the individual skill set they will need in their life, their career, and to successfully navigate this ever-diversifying global society. The SGOCC values accountability, communication, leadership and personal development, institutional memory, sustainability and unity. See what Student Government positions are available!


Student Senate & Executive Board

The Student Senate & Executive Board acts as the legislative branch of the Student Government of Orange Coast College (SGOCC).  Find more information about the Student Senate and Executive Board.

Fiscal Affairs Council 

The Fiscal Affairs Council is a branch of SGOCC which serves as the recommending body to the

Student Senate with regards to the Associated Student Budget. Find more information about the Fiscal Affair Council.

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is a branch of SGOCC that researches and advocates for local, state,

and federal legislation as it impacts the needs and concerns of students. Find more information about the Advocacy Committee

Inter-Club Council

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) is the student-led governing body of ASOCC Clubs who serve the

interests of ASOCC Student Clubs & Organizations. Find more information about the Inter-Club Council.

College Life Committee

The College Life Committee (CLC) is a branch of the SGOCC that connects the students with the college campus through student centered events and activities. Find more information about the College Life Committee.

Volunteer Team

The Volunteer Team is a sub-committee of the CLC, whose members participate in a flexible position to help the CLC with their events and activities. 

The Orange & Blue Spirit Crew

The Orange and Blue Spirit Crew is a sub-committee of the CLC that promotes student awareness and encourages student attendance to athletic games.