Student clubs & organizations are a great way to meet other students whose interests are like yours or in areas that you would like to explore or developOCC has more than 60 student clubs and organizations that are open to all currently registered students. These clubs and organizations sponsor social events, special activities, speakers, fundraisers, and community service events. Many clubs and organizations are academically oriented, such as, Radiology, Puente Club, Film, Architecture, and Business, while others are special interest clubs such as Circle K, Amnesty, Volunteer Club, Badminton Club and Repertory Theatre. Some culture-specific clubs include the Vietnamese Catholic Student Association, Vietnamese Student Association, Umoja and many others. 

"Orange Coast College is an equal opportunity employer and community college, and does not discriminate against students, employees or any other person on the basis of ethnicity, gender, disability or any other class protected by State and Federal Laws. Orange Coast College is committed to excellence through diversity, and takes pride in its multicultural, diverse environment.",2,3,25,4,5,16,6,7,17,8,9,10,21,11,18,75,74,12,76,13,19,14,26,15,20,27
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