Thank you for your interest in our waitlist!

Our waiting list is open throughout the year. Children will be enrolled into the program as space becomes available. Parents wishing to place their child on the waiting list can come in to our office or download the application below. 

Click here for Waitlist Application

Required Documents for the Waiting List:

  • $30.00 fee for full-cost waitlist (Check ONLY)
  • For families requesting subsidized childcare, please contact the Resource & Referral Agency Children's Home Society for information or call our office for their contact information.
  • Student-parents will be required to provide a printout of official OCC/GWC/CCC class printout upon being accepted into the program. (Waitlist fee is not applicable to students within the Coast Community College District)
Please return your application along with appropriate documents to the Children's Center in person or via mail. Our address can be found on the bottom of the application.

Immunization records (must be up to date per State of California guidelines) are required for all families applying on the waitlist:


Age when applying: Immunizations required to attend child care:
6 months - 14 months
​2 Polio   3 DTP   2 HIB   2 HEP B
1 TB Test on or after FIRST birthday
1 Varicella on or after FIRST birthday
15 months - 17 months
3 Polio   3 DTP    2 HEP B    1 TB
1 HIB on OR after FIRST birthday
1 MMR on OR after FIRST birthday
1TB Test on OR after FIRST birthday
1 Varicella on OR after FIRST birthday
18 months - 4 years
3 Polio   4DTP   3HEP B
1 MMR on OR after FIRST birthday
1 HIB on OR after FIRST birthday
1 TB within the last 2 years and every 2 years after
1 Varicella on OR after FIRST birthday

California Department of Public Health Guide to Immunizations (PDF)

No Shots? No Records? No School.

4 children together holding a sign with a message.
Children will not be enrolled unless an immunization record is presented and immunizations are up-to-date.*
*If your child unimmunized due to medical reasons, please notify us. 
Go to to access information about immunization requirements, an interactive school look-up tool, implementation materials for schools, and educational materials for parents.