NOTE: First time users receive a $1.00 starting credit on their GoPrint (netZcore PRINT) account

How to Print, Copy, and add Funds

For printing on campus students will use the GoPrint (netZcore PRINT) System. The current printing charges for one or two sided printing are as follows:

  • $.05 for black and white printout (per side).
  • $.50 for color printout (per side).


IMPORTANT: All unprinted jobs will be deleted after 2 hours

Steps to print:

  1. File, print, and enter username & password
  2. Select print jobs, click Pay and Print.
  3. Pick up print jobs at the printer

The Copy Service is available at the campus Library.

The copier use the same payment system as the printers. The current charges for one or two sided copying are as follows:

  • $.10 for black and white copy (per side).
  • $.50 for color copy (per side).


Students will add funds to their network based account by depositing cash (coins or $1, $5, $10 bills only) at the  Add Value Stations.

The Add Values stations are located in the camp​us Library.

The wireless printing is currently not available.