Donor Information

For over 60 years, many supporters of Orange Coast College and our students have generously contributed scholarships to ensure that students, who otherwise might not be able to complete their education, can do so successfully.

Donors include:

  • Alumni and community members
  • Service organizations
  • Businesses
  • College staff, faculty, and students

Scholarships can be endowed or funded on an annual basis or your donation can be pooled in our General Scholarship Fund.  The following is a list of the types of scholarships that may be established:

  • Endowed scholarships are invested in the OCC Foundation's endowment portfolio. Only the interest, dividends, and gains are awarded to students. These scholarships are awarded annually in perpetuity.  At the present time, an endowment of $20,000 will provide a $1,000 scholarship each year -- enough for tuition and fees as well as help in purchasing books and supplies for one semester.  Each endowed scholarship is held in a separate audited account managed by the Orange Coast College Foundation.

  • Annual scholarships allow all the funds you deposit in the Orange Coast College Foundation to be awarded as a scholarship, usually in the same fiscal year as the gift is received. To continue awarding the scholarship from year to year, annual contributions must be made.

  • Endowment-builder scholarships allow donors to create an endowed scholarship through a series of annual contributions.

  • One-time scholarships are awarded in the year they are received. Typically, these scholarships are donated in memory of someone who has recently passed away or in honor of a special occasion.

  • Pooled scholarships allow you to contribute to the General Scholarship Fund. There is no minimum amount for this contribution. Your donation will be co-mingled with other moneys and awarded by the College Scholarship Committee.

What will your scholarship be named?

  • Smith Family Mathematics Scholarship

  • Sally Wilson & John Martin Award

  • Gomez Company Scholarship

  • Frederick and Mary Washington Memorial

  • Costa Mesa Community Club Scholarship 

Who will receive your scholarship?

As a scholarship donor, you establish the "rules" for your award within broad guidelines provided by the Orange Coast College General Scholarship Committee.

You can specify the type of student who will be awarded your scholarship. For example, you can specify a history major, a student who is returning to OCC or one who is ready to transfer, a re-entry student, or a student who is involved in a co-curricular program. You can even specify "best available."

How Will Your Scholarship Be Recognized?

Scholarships awarded at Honors Night will be announced at the event and published in the Honors Night Program Book. You will also receive the gratitude of student recipients.

Who will select your recipient?

You can ask the General Scholarship Committee to select your recipient or have us refer your scholarship to the faculty members in a specific department. We can pre-screen applications for you to make the final decision.

Orange Coast College Scholarship Office
P. O. Box 5005
Costa Mesa, CA 92628-5005


Download the Scholarship Donor Form (PDF)

To contribute to an existing scholarship or the pooled General Scholarship account, mail a check to the address above, specifying the name of the scholarship you wish to contribute to. You may also e-mail TJ Nguyen, Scholarship Coordinator, for assistance in establishing your scholarship at

The Orange Coast College Foundation is a 501©3 organization. Our federal tax identification number is 33-0071349. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.