Orange Coast College's core indicators are the critical outcomes that illustrate progress towards meeting its goals. Goals are further delineated by strategic objectives, which provide specifics on how goals are operationalized. Core indicators supporting the goals and strategic objectives are defined with performance targets to gauge the extent to which the College is making progress. The core indicators are organized by the College's values and goals (C-L-A-S-S). To access college's latest analysis on its progress towards its core indicators, click on the Core Indicators and Institution-Set Standards Report below.


Core Indicators and Institution Set Standards, 2021-2028

Core Indicators and Institution Set Standards ADA 2021-2028

OCC Atlas 2021-2022 February 2023

OCC Vision for Success: Overall and DI Targets Infographic updated 5-12-2021 (PDF)

2019 SEA Targets Summary Revised 11-18-2019 (PDF)

Licensure and Job Placement Rates for Program Review 12-10-2021 (PDF)